Washington State Africa Network
National Summit on Africa

Open Meeting

Wednesday, July 21, from 7:30 to 9:00 P.M.,
Miller Community Center, 330 19th E (at East John, Capital Hill), Seattle WA.


Introduction to the meeting (4 min.)
Introduction of participants and USAID/WAC African Delegation (15 min.)
Purpose of the National Summit on Africa (10 min.)
     Short-term project: sending a delegation to the National Summit
     Long-term project: form a Washington State organization to raising awareness                about Africa
Description of National Summit thematic areas
     Human Rights (3 min.)
     Sustainable Development (3 min.)
     Education and Culture (3 min.)
     Economics and Trade (3 min.)
     Peace and Security (3 min.)
Discussion on delegate selection process. (15 min.)
Organizing fundraising committee (20 min.)
Setting a six-month schedule (10 min.)
Good night. (1 min.)



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