Washington State Africa Network
National Summit on Africa

Open Meeting

Sunday, August 8, from 3:30 to 6:00 P.M.,
Emerald City SDA Church, 801 25th Ave (on 25th north of Cherry), Seattle WA 98122


Introduction to the meeting.
Introduction of participants.
Discussion about the organization

Brainstorm what do we want the organization to do
Create name for the organization.
Develop mission statement.
Identify project(s) to be undertaken.
Define measurable objective we can strive for.

Expanding the Washington-Africa Network database (background: http://www.ibike.org/africamatters/network.htm)

Discussion on delegate selection process

Report from fundraising committee.
Setting a six-month schedule.

Note: If plan to participate and you weren't at the July 21 meeting, please read the report from that meeting, http://www.ibike.org/africamatters/7-21report.htm.


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