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To submit a performance, lecture, exhibit, festival or other event, send information to Washington_Africa_Network @ ibike.org (remove spaces) For faster turn around please send information in the same order that you see below (sponsoring organization, name of the event, when, where, cost if any, additional details, contact information).


Addition local events may be found in the postings at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wa-afr-network/

Sundiata African Cultural Association presents:
Festival Sundiata

When: February
Where:  Seattle Center  House, Upper Level  and the "Black Palette Artist Exhibit" at the Northwest African American Museum.
Free admission.

Festival Sundiata, is a celebration of African and African-American art, history & culture, showcasing the significant history and cultural contributions of African and African-American people, both past and present. The three-day festival features music, films, workshops, children’s activities and more.

For more information contact: Sundiata African American Festival, P.O. Box 24723, Seattle WA  98124-0723. Tel: 206-329-8086.

National Day:

Feb. 18, independence from the UK, l965

National Day:

March 6, independence from the UK, l957
Ghanaian Association of Greater Seattle generally hosts an Independence Day celebration.

National Day:

March 12, independence from the UK, l968

National Day:

March 20, independence from France, l956

National Day:

March 21, independence from South Africa, l990

National Day:

April 27, independence from France, l960

National Day:
Sierra Leone

April 27, independence from the UK, l961

National Day:

May 20, western provinces, independence from British, eastern and northern provinces independence from France, 1972

National Day:

May 24, independence from Ethiopia, l993

Seattle International Film Festival presents:
Films by or about Africans

Annually in late mid-May to mid-June.  Generally there are assort Africa-related films scattered throughout the month long extravaganza.

To see a list of SIFF films with a connection to Africa go to www.siff.net

NW Folklife Festival presents:
NW Folklife Festival

When: May, Memorial Day Weekend
Where: Seattle Center, Seattle
Generally there is assort African music scattered throughout each day of the annual four day event -- check the program available at every entrance.  For details see www.nwfolklife.org/
All the performances are free, but donations to support the event are requested.

National Day:

June 25, independence from Portugal, l975

National Day:

June 26, independence from France, l960

National Day:

June 27, independence from France, l977

National Day:

June 29, independence from the UK, l976

National Day:
Burundi & Rwanda

July 1, independence from Belgium, l962

Zimfest presents:
Zimbabwean Music Festival

When: July
Where: rotating
For more information see www.zimfest.org

National Day:
Cape Verde

July 5, independence from Portugal, l975

National Day:

July 5, independence from France, l962

National Day:

July 6, independence from the UK, l964

National Day:

July 6, independence from France, l975

National Day:

July 26: founded l847

National Day:

August 1,  independence from France, l960

National Day:

August 3, independence from France, l960

National Day:
Burkina Faso

August 5, independence from France, l960

National Day:
Cote d'Ivoire

August 7, independence from France, l960

National Day:

August 11, independence from France, l960

National Day:
Central African Republic

August 13, independence from France, l960

National Day:
Congo (Brazzaville)

August 15, independence from France, l960

National Day:

August 17, independence from France, l960

National Day:

September 6, independence from the UK, l968

National Day:

September 22, independence from France, l960

National Day:
Guinea Bissau

September 24, independence from Portugal, l973

National Day:

October 1, independence from the UK, l960

National Day:

October 2, independence from France, l958

National Day:

October 4 independence from the UK, l966

National Day:

October 9, independence from the UK, l962

National Day:
Equatorial Guinea

October 12, independence from Spain, l968

National Day:

October 24, independence from the UK, l964

African Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest presents:
12th Annual Africa Day Business Forum & Celebration Dinner

Saturday, October, all day
Red Lion Hotel, 1415 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101

For more info (206) 256-6139 or https://www.facebook.com/African-Chamber-of-Commerce-of-the-Pacific-Northwest-166943893320824/

National Day:

November 18, independence from France, l956

National Day:

November 28, independence from France, l960

National Day:

December 9, independence from the UK, l961

National Day:

December 12, independence from the UK, l963



Washington State Africa Network (WASAN) presents:
Monthly Meeting, Africa Film Program & Discussion

When: TBA
7:00 Business meeting
7:30  film and discussion:
Free, the public is welcome!

All WASAN programs are open to anyone who wishes to attend.  For more information email Washington_Africa_Network @ ibike.org (remove spaces)

The Washington State Africa Network presents:
Liemba: The Making of an African Documentary

The film is still in editing, but Andrew will show selected footage from the film, set to the films soundtrack.

Synopsis:  Liemba is a study in contrast.  In the port town of Kigoma, on the west coast of Tanzania, two relics of Africa’s turbulent past live side-by-side.  The first is the MV Liemba, a passenger and cargo ferry that has been plying the waters of Lake Tanganyika for the past 90 years.  The second is the Anglo American Corporation, a multi-national mining company that has been taking African minerals to Europe since 1917.  Anglo American’s opulent Tanzanian base of operation is a short distance down-shore from the dilapidated homeport of the MV Liemba in Kigoma.  Anglo American officials regularly ride on the bridge of the Liemba, occupying regal state-rooms as they travel to oversee their extensive mining operations in the area.  Meanwhile, the indigenous Kirugu people who inhabit the lake’s shore are left to earn what they can selling fish, meat and produce from their dug-out canoes to the throngs of third class passengers riding in the belly of the battered Liemba.  While the Anglo American Corporation exploits fortunes in gold, diamonds and other mineral, the majority of Tanzanians are left with nothing but poisoned water, scarred lands and a tattered infrastructure, dependent upon a deteriorating ferry to carry them to a pillaged future.

Ongoing Events:

KEXP Radio, Seattle WA:
"The Best Ambiance" with Jon Kertzer
Every Monday,  6 pm - 9 pm, KEXP FM 90.3 Public Radio

KBOO Radio, Portland OR
"Africa on Fire!"
International and local African news the corporate media won't divulge. First Thursday, 6-7 pm on KBOO Radio, 90.7 FM, Portland. Email: africaonfire@yahoo.com

African Dance Class:
Lara McIntosh, Wassa Dance
Afro-fusion classes with wonderful live music on Sundays. All levels and drop ins welcome! Basic classes: Mon., Wed., Fri., Sat.- 9-10 a.m. at ARC Ballet Studios in the Crown Hill School Building, 9250 14th NW, north Ballard. Tues., Thurs - 6:00-7:15 at OmCenter, N 35th @ Pacific St. 
www.wassadance.com or  206-284-9473

African Dance Class:
Abdoulaye Sylla
Every Sunday, 5:-6:30 pm. Seattle Center, Center House, 4th floor, Studio H. Contact: laurie @danceanddrum.com

Maya Soleil:
Maya Soleil Afro-World Fusion
Several times most months (see website),  Blaine to Portland
Shows are classified as Maya Soleil Traditions (Pan-African acoustic group) or Maya Soleil Afro-World Fusion (electric ensemble). All events are smoke-free.
For more information: Email: mayasoleil@ mindspring.com Web site: www.mayasoleil.com

The African Knights Freedom Reggae Band
Every Thursday, 10pm - 2am (as of Feb 2004), 1219 E. Jefferson St. between 12th & 13th
Cover charge: $5. For more information 206-323-1408

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