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Dispatch 10 - Sepopa


After riding out of Tsodilo, to the highway, the way we came in, we continued on to spend Sunday afternoon Sepopa.  It was a day of relaxation.

We had planned to stay at a tourist joint called the Swamp Stop, but because of the high water it was swamped and closed to business.  This probably worked to our advantage because it put us back in town where more life happens.

It was Sunday. Throughout the day there seemed to be singing coming from one direction or another.  If you followed the sound you would find a church.  We talked to people who were in church from 8 to 1 and 11 to 3.  Some congregations meet for several hours Sunday morning and then return for several more hours of worship Sunday evening.  A common excursion during the day, for our group, was to head to a church and sit outside and bask in the music.

The house we stayed at seemed to be a hub that a lot of people stopped off at during the course of the day, including a couple of visits by a well dressed preacher who bicycled -- in a town with few to no other bicyclists.

This would be a good time to talk about the weather.  Most of the pictures tell part of the story; blue skies and not even a hint of rain.  Day time temperatures were also perfect; 21o to 24o C (70o to 75o F).  Overnight low temperatures were usually 10o to 13o C (50o to 55o F.)*  The humidity was not too high nor too low.  At times we had pleasant tail winds and never a brutal head wind.  It was all "just right."

This wasn't accidental.  We had a choice of 12 months to choose from and picked the one with the best weather conditions.

For dinner we again cooked for our host.  The main menu item was rice, beans and chakalaka.

* One night, when we camped in a village, the overnight low was 9o C (48o F) which prompted one of our cohorts to rise with the declarative, "I am never camping in the friggen arctic again."  This was quickly eclipsed by the days events.




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