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This program links together a wide variety of experiences in the historical and cultural triangle of southern Ghana:

Accra is known for its shade trees and its energetic ambiance. Among the top attractions are Independence Square, the National Museum, and the highly regarded Makola market, center for much day-to-day commerce.

On the Akwapan plateau, many cities and towns are veritable garden cities by virtue of theirs numerous mango trees and "flower beds" of edible landscaping.  The first cocoa trees in Ghana were planted in this region.  On this theme, Aburi is the home of a large botanical garden.  Its narrow streets, hillside building, a quaint church and cooler climate make it a refreshing stop-over. Also of interest in the are are the traditional healers.

The Ashanti people, one of the larger and best known ethnic groups in Ghana, are found in the Ashanti region. During the height of the Mali Empire the Ashanti became wealthy through the trading of gold mined from their territory.  They held power in the regions when the European colonist arrived and defeated the British in several battles resisting subjugation. Their cultural achievements include some of Africa's most highly regarded textiles (Kenti cloth and Adinkra cloth) and metal work. The Asante Traditional Buildings are inscribed as World Heritage Sites.

Shores lined with coconut trees and typical fisherman's dwellings, runs along the coast from one side of the country to the other. The maritime region of West Africa is the cradle land of much to the traditional religion and music that many Westerners associated with Africa. It is not coincidence, because this is also the region that supplied much of the human cargo of the trans-Atlantic stave trade, which allowed these religious and cultural traditions to inspire the culture of the America such as Santeria, jazz and gospel music.  Many of the slave forts of Ghana have been preserved, are open for sobering tours and have World Heritage Site status.

Ghana's appeals to visitors is its people and their traditions and folklore. People fall in love with the process of bargaining in a market and the sort of interaction it involves. The product is a keepsake, not necessarily to ‘show off’ your travels, but to enrich your environs -- tokens of other cultures as a daily reminder that there are many ways people live in this world.

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