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The Mphrembe Health Center offers pre- and post-natal clinic, 
general treatment, family planning and an anti-AIDS/HIV program.  
The baby programs include nutrition education and baby weighing.
The Aids/HIV program is called Tipone, "we save".  It was initally 
organized community members and Tana Beverwyk, a United States 
Peace Corps volunteer.  Tipone has four components; orphan care, 
home base care (educating people on how to care for Aids patient 
within the community), youth education ("Aids Clubs", counseling, 
condom distribution) and targeting high risk population (generally 
described as prostitutes, truck drivers and men in uniform).
Aids Clubs are secondary school service clubs that educate 
themselves about Aids/HIV, do peer counseling and may do other 
community service activities.
There Tipone office is currently a very small converted bathroom 
in the health center.  As part of Tana's work she secured money 
from a grant from the Malawi Self-help Fund and from fund raising 
in the United States to have a new community center built.  When 
complete shortly, this building will include a library and much 
more spaceous offices for Tipone.
Tana coordination of the program is now being continued by U.S. 
Peace Corps Volunteer Philip Anglewicz.
Some of the function of the health is currenty decreased be the 
center has not receive a delivery of fresh supplies from the 
district hospital for over a month.  They had heard that the 
hospital also wasn't receiving it supplies, reflecting Malawi's 
deepening economic crisis.