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Dispatch 1 - arrival

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Entebbe reminds me a little of Hawaii – climate, vegetation and view out over Lake Victoria. Our little hotel had private bathrooms with flip-flops waiting at the entrance. Our walk home from dinner in the dark was lighted by glow-worms and occasional fireflies.

Arriving at the airport an hour late because I had forgotten to reset my watch I saw an apparition struggling down the road adorned with a Bicycle Africa T-shirt. Joe had given up trying to assemble his bike in front of a crowd of laughing but, good natured, onlookers and had loaded the stuff as best he could and started walking to the hotel. "Wow, this is my first day in Africa" were the words I was greeted with.

Our different accents began a joke that was to last the holiday: When I tried to tell him that we were staying at the "Flight Motel." "The flat, what?"

The evening through the whole of Africa at us – a long walk through the fading light to the restaurant, a beautiful red sunset over Lake Victoria, a warm greeting from the patron, a power failure, fresh food, cold Nile beer, glow-worms and fireflies in the dark on the way home, singing, talking and passing bicycles, a feeling of being at peace with the world.

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