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Dispatch 12 - Kisiizi

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After the accumulated fatigue of the last couple of days Cindy and Joe elected to take a vehicle to Muko turn-off and have a bit of a rest. Nathan managed to negotiate a reasonable price with the driver, but as soon as the "mzungu" (white) faces arrived the price doubled. Cindy chose to take the regular bus via Kabale and Joe decided to cycle.

The route was steep and arduous, but beautiful. Unfortunately, when we reached the Kable-Kisoro Road (about half way) the appeal was lost as the kids aggressively began to demand money, our bicycles and anything else – running after us, taunting and jeering.

Cindy arrived at Muko as the sun was setting fresh and bubbly after a good day – which she managed on her own despite her severe apprehensions.

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