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Acceptance Of General Terms And Conditions: I have read and understand the document, 
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Yes No Understanding Of Legal Contract: I have read and understand that the agreement entitled
"VOLUNTARY WAIVER AND RELEASE FROM LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT" is a LEGAL CONTRACT.  I have read each paragraph very carefully and made certain that I fully understand what the paragraph says.  If I do not fully understand, or do not fully agree to the terms I WILL NOT INDICATE THAT I DO.  I understand that I can go elsewhere to bicycle and travel if I do not agree to these terms.  I have not been forced in any way to agree to this document, and am doing so because I am willing to accept all risk associated with bicycling and traveling in order to participate on Ibike‚Äôs program.
Yes No Rooming Preference:  Rooms are generally, but not always, double occupancy -- we encounter a variety of lodging conditions that aren't able to accommodate all desires.  If you are not registering with a roommate, if you wish, we will try to match people with roommates, but a roommate cannot be guaranteed.  If you; want a "twin shared room" that is not available, don't have a roommate, or don't want a roommate there may be a single supplement charge. This represents the actually difference in the cost to the program.  Similarly there may be situations where single occupancy cannot be guaranteed. To facilitate planning, please let us know your rooming preference.
Rooming Preference:
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