Credit Card Purchases:

We are authorized to process Visa and Master Card charges, but we don't have a secure web page so we don't post forms to collect your credit card information on the website. 

If you would like to use a credit card to make your purchase please mail, fax, or phone us the following information:

If you are emailing us the information, while our email is stored on a secure server, there is still some vulnerability with email so for your security we recommend that you send the information split between two messages, in a form such as:

First email message:

Your Full Name
#1234 5678 XXXX XXXX (send us the first eight numbers on the card followed by X's)
Exp: 01/XX  (month of expiration followed by X's)
Billing address for the card
Description of what you with to purchase

Second, separate, email message:

#XXXX XXXX 1234 5678 (include the second eight numbers on the card preceded by X's)
Exp: xx/09 (year of expiration preceded by X's)
Dollar amount of purchase you are authorizing
Mailing address where you want the items sent (if applicable and different from the billing address)