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Active, Human Powered (non-bicycle) Related Products and Services
Other Products and Services

Products, Service, Etc.

Bicycles (specialized manufacturers): Arm-powered, cargo, electric assisted, folding, pedicabs, quadra-cycles, recumbent, tandem, third-wheel, tri-cycles, and other human powered vehicles.

Bay Area Bicycle Law Law firm in northern California specializing in representing cyclists.

The Best Bike Lock Discussion on bike locks and security so yours is harder to steal.

Bicicletas Eléctricas Information about electric bicycle (e-bikes) and sustainable mobility (in Spanish).

Bicycle Accidents Overview by Steven Sweat, Personal Injury Lawyer, CA

Bicycle Art

Bicycle Art School

Bicycle Clothing Clothes that are optimized for comfort and function, taking into consideration fit, padding, dryness, breathability, and safety.

Bicycles In Glass Bicycles Exquisitely Hand Sculptured In Glass. A Unique Gift For The Cyclist.

Bicycle Pillows / Blankets

Bike Registry Free bicycle registry service.  Menus include all major bicycle manufacturers. 

Local Bicycle Trader Free bicycle classifieds site designed to to help people interact and ride bikes. High quality, hand crafted bike bags and cycling accessories.

Paceline Bikes Educational bicycle blog and online bike shop.

Recovering From Bicycle Injuries. Advise from Ehline Law Firm. - Aaron's Bike Repair: shop, Seattle and bicycle information.

San Francisco Bicycle Ballet In the great tradition of Busby Berkeley.

Spongy Wonder Bike Seat Anatomically correct bike seat that ends health damage to both male and female riders caused by conventional bike seats.

The Best Bike Lock, Information on selecting and buying bicycle locks.

Twocranks Bicycle Services Web design and development for bike clubs.

Velosurance Policy that protects bikes from loss and damage, and riders from medical and liability claims.

Velogear One of Australia's leading cycling websites, offering a full line of bicycle products.


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