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Biker's Barbecue  Two Austrians tour America by bicycle and write a travelogue about their trip. Includes a bicycle photo gallery and bicycle touring tips.

Biking the Stuart Highway A cycling journey across Australia.

Cycle Generation A tour in eastern and southern Africa to campaign to combat climate change by promoting a sustainable way of life.

Cycling Around the World Inspiration and information for around the world cyclists.

Cyclo Jose' Photos and stories of cycling trips in France and in Belgium.

Hit the Road A blog on a long distance tour in Europe.

Ibike Travelogues Photo essays for tours in Korea, Vietnam, Ecuador, Guyana, Cuba, Tunisia, Mali, Malawi, Uganda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Botswana, Namibia, Ethiopia, and other places in Africa..

Impressions From Bicycle Travels Visual stories from America and Asia (fully-automatic slide shows).

Mike's Bicycle Touring and Travelogues Large collection of travelogues

South America Bike Tour Travelogue links Large collection of travelogues sorted by country.

Switzerland to India via Austria, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Xingjian, Tibet, and Nepal, by Res (Andreas) Blum

Take on Africa One woman's 20,000km journey by bike from the UK to Cape Town.

Wadachi "Wadachi" means "tracks" in Japanese.  These are accounts of "tracks" left around Japan.

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