BikeCart hand make bicycle trailerBikeCart is made principally from two old bike frames with front forks, some 1 inch angle-iron, and nuts and bolts.

Frames with damaged seat and chain stays can be used, because stays are not required.

BikeCart hand make bicycle trailerWelding is not necessary, but could be applied after assembly to increase strength and rigidity.

26 or 27 inch wheels can be used. Floor length is 1.0 to 1.2 metres.  Floor width is variable - 400 to 800mm.

BikeCart hand make bicycle trailerThe hitch is a simple small universal joint (made out of angle iron) which attaches to all varieties of bike rear frames and wheel axles.

The wheel axles are close to the point of balance, so the cart feels very light and is easily maneuvered.

BikeCart could readily be mass produced as a pre-drilled kit-set, with the floor panels forming a box.

Entire assembly can be completed using two adjustable spanners.

For more information contact: Ed Austin, Auckland, New Zealand.  Email: edaustin (remove space) (Nov 2007)

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