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Ecotourism, Immersion, Social Justice, Responsible Travel, Study Abroad, Language Courses

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Language Study and Resources

  • Majstro Multilingual translation dictionary.

Volunteer and work opportunities (internationally) for people of all ages:

  • Global Volunteer Network
  • GoAbroad On-line source for study abroad, overseas internships, international volunteer positions, teach abroad, jobs abroad, and a more.
  • i-to-i Volunteer, work and teach English abroad.
  • Iko Poran International volunteer programs and community tour programs in Brazil.
  • InterAction
  • nGoAbroad Referral service and clearinghouse that custom fits your skills, interests and goals to grassroots humanitarian organizations abroad.
  • SMILE Society [Member of CCIVS (UNESCO) & WANGO] invite international volunteers and students (groups/individuals) to join us in our welfare projects, International Work Camps, Summer Camps, Internship Programmes and Volunteer Projects in India.

Youth Service, Volunteering and Service Learning Opportunities (USA):

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