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Tozeur Old Town, Tunisia, North Africa / La Medina de Tozeur, Tunisie, Nord Afrique

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Raoudha Bribech: Painter - Decorator / Peintre - Décoratrice

Raoudha Bribech, artist, painter, peintreThe featured artist and owner is Raoudha Bribech, one of Tunisia's most prominent woman artists.  She works with a variety of mediums, including painting canvas, metal, wood and glass.  She describes her current work as cheerful - as is she.


Raoudha Bribech, artist, painter, peintre


Artwork / Paintings by Raoudha Bribeck

Artist Statement:
"This year is very special for the Tunisian people. Freedom is hard to get.  Tunisia has now inspired other people to fight for freedom and dignity. I'm proud to be Tunisian!  The revolution was made by poor and jobless young people. They want their chance and their right to live as human being.

"You will find here my new paintings about revolution."

      -Raoudha Bribeck (April 2011)

Post Dictatorship Portfolio
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flamme de liberte, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Flamme de Liberte", 2011

inspiration, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Inspiration", 2011

interdit, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Interdit", 2011

"Issue", 2011

"Silence", 2011

Sortie, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Sortie", 2011

"Tanit", 2011

Transition 1, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Transition 1", 2011

Transition 2, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Transition 2", 2011

Transition 3, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Transition 3", 2011

Transition 4, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Transition 4", 2011

un pour tous, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Un Pour Tous", 2011

volonté "Volonté", 2011

Pre-Democracy Portfolio

Fusion, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Fusion", 2010

Interrogation, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Interrogation", 2007 (40cm x 50cm)

"Porte de Lumiere", 2007 (40cm x 50cm)

Danse de Liberte, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Danse de Liberte", 2006 (75cm x 95cm)

Valeur Absolue, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Valeur Absolue", 2006 (75cm x 95cm)

Valse sur l'Echo e Souvenir, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Valse sur l'Echo e Souvenir", 2005 (95cm x 75cm)

Sans Titre, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Sans Titre", 2005 (65cm x 50cm)

Candeur, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Candeur", 2004 (46cm x 56cm)

Vieux Quartier de Tozeur, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Vieux Quartier de Tozeur", 2004 (46cm x 56cm)

Reflection, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Reflexion", 2004 (75cm x 85cm)

Marché des Valeurs, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Marché des Valeurs", 2004 (75cm  x 95cm)

la Marche du Siècle, by Raoudha BRIBECH "la Marche du Siècle", 2004 (40cm x 50cm)

Fantasia, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Fantasia", 2003 (50cm x 60cm)

"Hawadef", 2003

"Vent du Sable", 2003 (60cm x 50cm) SOLD


"Coucher de Soleil"

Gazelle, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Gazelle"



Nature Morte, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Nature Morte"

"Oasis de Tozeur"

Ouverture, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Ouverture"


Reve a la Menthe, by Raoudha BRIBECH "Reve a la Menthe"



Raoudha Bribech, artist, painter, peintre


Gallery interior

Tozart Gallery / Galerie Tozart

Tozart Gallery / Galerie Tozart

Gallery Courtyard

Tozart Gallery / Galerie Tozart

Raoudha BRIBECH,
raoudha.bribech (remove space), 
GSM +216 (98) 62 96 76

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