Washington State Africa Network
Mission Statement and Objectives


To enhance awareness and understanding about the countries and people of Africa, and to increase the involvement of Washington residents in issues of Africa.


1. To provide a forum for Washington State organizations, businesses and residents interested in African issues.

Maintain an organization

Maintain an electron list serve open to all interested parties

Maintain and expand the organizations web site

Hold regular meetings for the organization

Sponsor occasional seminars and conferences

2. To collect and disseminate information on African issues and events in Washington State.

Attend the National Summit on Africa

Develop an outreach program to community organizations and agencies.

3. To advocate policies and programs of mutual benefit to the people of Africa, Washington and the U.S.

Publicizing the National Action Plan For Africa.

4. To coordinate resources in Washington State for the benefit of the people of Africa.

Encourage "sister city" and "sister state" programs with counterparts in Africa.

Identify local trade partners for companies based in Africa

Help to facilitate education and training opportunities for African students.

5. To promote learning and teaching about Africa in Washington State.


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