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Bicycle Maintenance, Repair and Building

Barnett, John, Barnett's Manual: Analysis and Procedures for Bicycle Mechanics. VeloPress, 2003. (Essential tool in the workshop of pro bike shops and serious mechanics.)

Brandt, Jobst, The Bicycle. Wheel Mountain Air Books, 1993. (Text on wheel building that explores theory, techniques and technical data.

Brown, Sheldon, "Wheel Building", article on the internet.

Cuthbertson, Tom. Anybody's Bike Book: A Comprehensive Manual of Bike Repairs. 10-Speed Press, 1998. (Very approachable for the not-so-mechanically-inclined. It also has other good advice like equipment selection, locks, technique, etc.)

Cuthbertson, Tom and Rick Morrall,  Bike Bag Book, Ten Speed Press, 1981. (Small, clearly-written book with essential repair operations detailed.)

DeLong, Fred, DeLong's Guide to Bicycles and Bicycling: The Art and Science. Krause Pub, 1978.

Downs, Todd, Bicycling Magazine's Complete Guide to Bicycle Maintenance and Repair: For Road and Mountain Bikes. Rodale Press, 2005.

Garvey, Helen, How to Fix Your Bicycle. Shire Press, 1993.

Henderson, Bob, and Stevenson, John, Haynes Bicycle Book. Haynes Pub., 2002.

Hayduk, Douglas, Bicycle Metallurgy for the Cyclists. Vitesse Press, 1987.

Lauzon, Gerry, How to Fix Bikes Free online advice on how to fix your bicycle.

Kossak, Joe, Bicycle Frames. Anderson World, 1975

Paterek, Tim, Paterek Manual for Bicycle Framebuilders 2004. Henry James Bicycle, 2004

Ries, Richard, Building Your Perfect Bike. Motorbooks Intl, 1996.

Sarig, Roni, The Everything Bicycle Book. Adams Media Corp., 1997.

Searle, Ben, Bicycle Maintenance. Trafalgar Square, 1998.

Sharp, Archibald, Bicycles and Tricycles: A Classic Treatise on Their Design and Construction. Dover Press, 2003.

Sidwell, Chris and Richard Ballentine, Bicycle Repair Manual. DK Pub., 2004.(listing of different kinds of bike, as well as a second half devoted to maintaining them. Much more history than most of the other books.)

Sloane, Eugene, Sloane's New Bicycle Maintenance Manual. Simon & Schuster, 1991. (Classic repair manual that's easy-to-read and well-illustrated.

Sutherland, Howard, et al, Sutherland's Handbook for Bicycle Mechanics. Sutherland Pub., 2004. (Reference manual for bicycle mechanics.)

Talbot, Richard, "Designing and Building Your Own Frame Set: An Illustrated Guide for the Amateur Bicycle Builder". (out-of-print)

Van Der Plas, Rob, Bicycle Repair Step by Step: How to Maintain and Repair Your Bicycle. Motorbooks Intl., 2002

Van Der Plas, Rob, Mountain Bike Maintenance: Repairing and Maintaining the off-Road Bicycle. Motorbooks Intl., 1996

Van Der Plas, Rob, Road Bike Maintenance: Repairing & Maintaining the Modern Lightweight Bicycle. Motorbooks Intl., 1996 (Good step-by-step guide for neophyte mechanics.)

Whiter, Robert, The Bicycle Manual on Maintenance and Repairs Borden Pub., 1972

Wiley, Jack, How to Build Unicycles and Artistic Bicycles. Solipaz Publishing, 1985.

Wright, Robert. Building Bicycle Wheels. Anderson World, Inc., 1985. (Small book, but packed with information.)

Zinn, Leonard, Zinn & the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance, Inside Communications, 2005.

Bicycle Riding Skills / Technique

Allen, John, Street Smarts. (pamphlet covers road-riding and traffic safety very well .) ( online)

Allen, John, The Complete Book of Bicycle Commuting. Rodale Press, 1981.  (Many people find this much more likeable than Forester's "Effective Cycling", but it is out of print, so hard to find.)

Bell, Trudy, The Essential Bicycle Commuter. McGraw-Hill, 1998. (how to pick the best bike for your needs and how to cope with traffic, even on the worst days.)

Chicagoland Bicycle Federation, Safe Bicycling In Chicago. Chicago Bureau of Traffic (Room 402, 320 North Clark St., Chicago, IL 60610 USA. Tel: 312-777-1229).   (Also available in Spanish as "Ciclismo Seguro En Chicago" and Polish as "Bezpieczna Jazda Rowerem Po Chicago". This well organized, written and illustrated booklet is packed with information. It covers a broad range of topic from selecting a bike to maintenance, parking, basic cycling practices and problem situations. Ninety-five percent of the advice is applicable to any urban area.)

Forester, John. Effective Cycling, (sixth ed.) MIT Press, 1993. (The bible on cycling with traffic, this book also includes quite a bit on maintenance, repair, and safety, though it's tone is so aggressive that it scares a lot of people off.)

Glowacz, Dave, Urban Bikers' Tricks and Tips: Low-Tech and No-Tech Ways to Find, Ride, and Keep a Bicycle. Wordspace Press, 2004.

Leveen, Larry, Bicycle Commute Guide (PDF format) 1998. Outfitting one's bike, outfitting one's self, riding safely and legally, dealing with workplace logistics, bike security, bike fit and safety diagnosis and more!

Le Monde a Bicyclette, On Your Bicycle In The Morning. Le Monde a Bicyclette, (PO Box 1242, Station La Cite, Montreal, Quebec H2W 2R3 CANADA).  (A guide to facilitate cycling for daily commuting to work and school. Disponible en Francais.)

League of American Bicyclist, Commute By Bicycle: An Employer's Guide. LAB (1612 K St. NW #401, Washington DC 20006 USA. Tel: 1-202-822-1333.) (A guide for employer's wishing to encourage bicycle commuting.)

League of American Bicyclist, Commute By Bicycle: An Employee's Guide. LAB (1612 K St. NW #401, Washington DC 20006 USA. Tel: 1-202-822-1333.) (A "how to" guide for commuting by bicycle.)

Marr, Dick, Bicycle Gearing: A Practical Guide: Everything You Will Ever Need to Know to Use and Choose the Best Gearing Strategies for Pleasure and Performance Cycling. Mountaineers Books, 1989.

Hewitt, Ben, Bicycling Magazine's Complete Book of Road Cycling Skills: Your Guide to Riding Faster, Stronger, Longer, and Safer. Rodale, 1998.

Raforth, Richard, Bicycling Fuel: Nutrition for Bicycle Riders. Motorbooks Intl, 1993

Rodriguez, Angel and Black, Carla, The Tandem Book. Info Net Pub., 1998.

Sanghani, Sonia, Stumps and Cranks: A Beginner's Dream - An Introduction to Amputee-Cycling. 2015.

Bicycle Touring

Butterman, Steve, Bicycle Touring: How to Prepare for Long Rides. Wilderness, 1994

Donaldson, Doug, Bicycling Magazine's Guide to Bike Touring: Everything You Need to Know to Travel Anywhere on a Bike. Rodale, 2005

Jamieson, Duncan, Bicycle Travel and Touring Resources

Junek, Bruce B., The Road of Dreams; A Two-Year Hiking and Biking Adventure around the World. Images, 1993. (Fascinating, well-written account of a couple's two-year bicycle tour of Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and Northern India, focusing on the Asian and Indian segments. Incredible scenery, incredible experiences, all by bike.)

Kurmaskie, Joe., Metal Cowboy: Tales from the Road Less Pedaled. Crown Pub, 2002.

Lovett, Richard, The Essential Touring Cyclist: A Complete Guide for the Bicycle Traveler. McGraw-Hill, 2000.

Mozer, David, Bicycling in Africa : The Places in Between. International Bicycle Fund, 1989. (order direct from IBF)

Peart, Neil, The Masked Rider: Cycling in West Africa.  Pottersfield Press, 1996.  (Highly praised book of tales from bike touring in Cameroon and West Africa.)

Travis, Tim, The Road That Has No End. Down the Road Pub, 2004.  (Makes you realize that ordinary people can have extraordinary travel experiences.)

Van Der Plas, Rob, Bicycle Touring Manual. Motorbooks Intl., 1997.

Wier, Willie, Spokesongs: Bicycle Adventures on Three Continents. Pineleaf Press, 2002.

Bicycle Racing

Abt, Samuel, Pedaling for Glory: Victory and Drama in Professional Bicycle Racing. Motorbooks Intl, 1997.

Abt, Samuel, Season in Turmoil: Lance Armstrong Replaces Greg LeMond as U. S. Cycling's Superstar. VeloPress, 1995.

Baker, Annie, Smart Cycling: Successful Training and Racing for Riders of All Levels. Simon & Schuster, 1997.

Bike World Magazine, Complete Bicycle Time Trialing Book. World Publications, Mountain View, 1997. (Has some good information, although equipment coverage is out of date.)

Borysewicz, Edward, Bicycle Road Racing: The Complete Program for Training and Competition. Vitesse Press, 1985.

Brunel, Philippe, An Intimate Portrait of the Tour de France.

Hershon, Maynard, Half-Wheel Hell and Other Cycling Stories. VeloPress, 1996.

Hume, Ralph, The Yellow Jersey. Breakaway, 1996.

Kita, Joe, Bicycling Magazine's Training for Fitness and Endurance. Rodale, 1990.

LeMond, Greg, Greg LeMond's Complete Book of Bicycling. Penguin, 1990.

Matheny, Fred and Ed Pavelka. Beginning Bicycle Racing. Vitesse Press, 1989. (A good introduction, explaining the various types of bicycle races, tactics, training, etc.)

Moody, Greg, Two Wheels : A Cycling Murder Mystery. Velopress, 1996.

Mariolle, Elaine and Shemer, Michael B., Woman Cyclist: Training and Racing Techniques. NTC Pub., 1987.

Parr, Scott and Rupert Guinness, Tales from the Toolbox. VeloPress, 1997.

Ritchie, Andrew. Major Taylor: The Extraordinary Career of a Champion Bicycle Racer. Johns Hopkins Univ. Pr., 1996.

Vanwalleghem, Rik, Eddy Merckx: The Greatest Cyclist of the 20th Century. VeloPress, 1996.

Velonews (ed.), Bicycle Racing in the Modern Era. Velonews,1997.

Other Books About Bicycling

Abott, Allan and David Wilson, Human-Powered Vehicles, Human Kinetics Pub, 1995

Davidson, Alan and McGum, James, EnCycleopedia: The International Buyer's Guide to Alternatives in Cycling. Open Road Press, 1998. (An annual put out by the same folks who publish the Bicycle Culture Quarterly. EnCycleopedia describes bikes they find "interesting". Some are quite practical, others pure racers, but always interesting. They have more information on recumbents than most other sources.)

Dodge, Pryor, The Bicycle. Abbeville Press, 1996. (Beautiful large format book on the history of the bicycle.)

Gindling, Dan,  Bicycle Stamps: Bikes and Cycling on the World's Postage Stamps. Motorbooks International, 1997.

Gregory, Jim, Cycling for Profit. Bike At Work, 1999.

Herlihy, David V., Bicycle: The History. Yale Univ Press, 2004. (Beautiful large format book.)

Hershon, Marynard, Tales from the Bike Shop. Vitesse Press, 1989.  (A warm friendly collection of stories set in a bike shop, but more about the people than the bikes. Requires a little knowledge of bicycling to make sense.)

Jordan, Pete, In the City of Bikes: The Story of the Amsterdam Cyclist. Harper Perennial, 2013.

Lessing, Hans-Erhard, Automobilitaet - Karl Drais und die unglaublichen Anfaenge (Automobility - Karl Drais and its incredible beginnings) Maxime-Verlag, Leipzig 2003

McCullagh, James C., (ed.) Pedal Power: In Work, Leisure and Transportation, by Rodale Press, 1977. (A collection of non-bicycle pedal-powered machinery.)

Perry; David B., Bike Cult: The Ultimate Guide to Human-Powered Vehicles. Four Walls Eight Windows, 1995. (It is trying to be a stand alone encyclopedia; historical -- tracing the development of the bicycle (and lots of variants) for the past 150 years. Lots of short biographical snippets on riders, and discussion of historic races.)

Reid, Carlton, Bike Boom. Island Press, 2017. Reid uses history to shine a spotlight on the present and demonstrates how bicycling has the potential to grow even further, if the right measures are put in place by the politicians and planners of today and tomorrow.

Sutherland, Sandra Wright, "NO BRAKES! Bicycle Track Racing in the United States," 1996.  Lists velodromes (4 new since publication), events, interviews with champions, history chapter. 304 pages, 300+ photographs.

Wheeler, Tony and Janson, Richard, Chasing Rickshaws (Lonely Planet Pictorial Series). Lonely Planet, 1998.

Wilson, David Gordon, Bicycling Science. MIT Press, 2004. (full of high-powered analysis and lots of other good stuff.)



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