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For those seeking an escape from the Western World and experience a small dose of adventure, while meet people and gain a better understanding of the world, West Africa's Sahel is an excellent destination.  Ibike's Burkina Faso / Ivory Coast / Ghana bicycle tour does all of this.  Program participants stay in rural villages, get off the beaten track and learn about day-to-day life in the interior of West Africa, meet artisans, health care personnel and educators, visit historic and cultural sites, and relax under mango trees.  Highlights of the program include passing through the territory of the multiple ethnic groups, the unique architecture of the Lobi people, the Ruins of Loropéni (a World Heritage Site), wandering in multiple fascinating traditional markets featuring local produce, handmade textiles, traditional medicine and much more.

The “Burkina Faso People-to-People” program stands out because of its distinctive, friendly and flourishing indigenous cultures.  The bicycling is in the historic/cultural southern section of the country, which only shows serious marks of Western culture at the corners.  The area is also the confluence of multiple ethic groups.  We travel village to village, sharing roads and tracks with, and learning about, the Gourounsi, Dagara, Lobi, Senoufo, Bobo and people of other local ethnic groups.  The architecture, lifestyle, and human activity are fascinating to observe.  Making our way through this largely non-motorized society by our own non-motorized transport is a moving experience.

Bicycle Tour Fact Sheet


Schedule: November (see full schedule and status)  The weather in this season is generally dry.  Mornings are cool and afternoons are hot so we try to rise, pack, eat breakfast and start riding as soon after sunrise as is practical.  Ideally we are in a village for siesta, and loaf around, journaling, refreshing ourselves and/or do light exploring on foot in the afternoon.
Program Price (lodging, two meals/day, guide, museum fees and more): US$1790 (less than six people add $100) (travel to Burkina Faso and visas are not included). Average out of pocket expenses per program $150 plus or minus $100.
Description: Day 1-2: Explore Ouagadougou. Day 3­5: Bus to the southwest and then bicycling in the Grusi and Dagara areas. Day 6-10: Cycle to and visit fascinating Lobi villages and historic Loropéni, explore market and ponder the traditional architecture. Day 11-16: Through the northeast corner of Ivory Coast and across northern Ghana. Day 17-18: Return to Ouagadougou.
Features: Small group, self contained bicycle tour.
Starting/Ending Point: Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Skill Level: Suitable for fit cyclist who are comfortable with self-contained touring, in some rustic conditions.
Mileage Daily / Total: 40-80 miles / 1000km, 600 miles
Cycling Conditions: Generally flat. but some small hills, 50% paved roads, 50% clay/dirt/sand/rock roads.
Accommodations: Small hotels and "village camping" (some rustic conditions), no bush camping. This is one of our most "off-the-beat-track" programs and will take you away from the influences of western civilization.
Van Support: None. Local transport is generally available.
Meals Included: Two meals per day, generally breakfast and dinner (meat, chicken, rice, beans, pasta, potatoes, tomatoes).
Other Activities: walking (5km, 3 miles), bus
Bike: Mountain bike recommended.    Bike Rental: Not available.
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Unique Programs To Special Places For Memories Of A Lifetime!

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