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Cameroon Cultural Bicycle Tour


Bicycle Africa has two two-week, people-to-people, bicycle tour program in Cameroon.  One program explores the southwest region and the other visits the north of the country. A special feature of both programs is the opportunity to meet people and a lot of contact with the culture.

These programs have been immortalized in the "Masked Rider" by Neil Peart

The western provinces of Cameroon are particularly rich in culture.  We passing through the districts of the Duala, Bankon, Mbo, Bakaka, Bassa, Bamunka, Mendankwe-Nkwen, Kom, Lamnso’, Oku, and Bafut ethnic groups, to name a few.  It is unlikely that these names means much to you now, but in the course of the tour participants will get a context for this and much more information about Cameroon.  The itinerary winds through hills to the dramatic ring-road of the verdant western Bamileke highlands and to the historic town of Foumban, then passes the base of 14,000 foot Mt. Cameroon, and ends at the beach.  In route we stop to visit tea and coffee estates, traditional farms and observe to the traditional court of the Fon of the Bafoum.  It is an extraordinarily beautiful route as well. Factsheet for Western tour.

The northern program is nothing short of mesmerizing.  It twists up semi-arid valleys of traditional villages and ends amidst the geological wonders and wildlife areas of north.  The way of life in this area seems magical and architecture in the region is stunning. We make stops to watch craftsmen create brass castings, baskets and textiles and to shop at colorful weekly village markets. Factsheet for Northern tour.


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