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Liberia Cultural Program

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Liberia considers itself the first modern democracy in Africa.  It is also the country where the Bicycle Africa program began.  With 20 ethnic groups, a variety of religions and a rich cultural tradition, the diversity of Liberia is considerable. Physically it offers verdant forests, mountain landscapes, and drier savannahs, as well as beaches and the sun throughout the year.  Much of the coast is lined with coconut trees and dotted typical fisherman's dwellings.  Monrovia has many modern conveniences and an active scene, while the villages are serene, and reflect traditional values and lifestyle, including wonderful hospitality.  "Liberia: People-to-People" is a engaging mélange of modern and traditional.

The maritime region of West Africa is the origins of much to the traditional religion and music that many Westerners associated with Africa. It is not coincidence, because this is also the region that supplied much of the human cargo of the trans-Atlantic stave trade, which allowed these religious and cultural traditions to seep into the culture of the America such as jazz and gospel music.

Liberia's appeals to visitors is its people, their traditions and folklore. People fall in love with the process of bargaining in a market and the sort of interaction it involves. Any purchase, however small, is a keepsake, not necessarily to ‘show off’ your travels, but to enrich your life -- a tokens of another cultures as a daily reminder that there are many ways people live in this world. Westerners who sit and 'cut rice' ('break bread' -- eat) in Liberia leave with a treasure.

Bicycle Tour Fact Sheet

LIBERIA: West Africa People-to-People

Schedule: November-December  (see full schedule and status)
Program Price (lodging, two meals/day, guide, museum fees and more): US$1490 (less than six people add $100) (airfare is not included). Average out of pocket expenses per program $100 plus or minus $50.
Description: Day 1: Arrive and organize. Day 2-4: We start our bicycling into the rain forest, visiting villages, school, markets. Day 5-7: The next few days take us through an agricultural area towards the mining region. Day 8-11: Cycle through more forest. Day 12-13: We head to the capital, Monrovia and explore the city. Day 14: End of program.
Features: Small group, self-contained bicycle program visiting numerous cultural sites. Highlights include the rural life-styles & culture of the multi-cultural Liberia (Bassa, Kpelle, Mano and Gio ), visiting local market, .  English is the national language and widely spoken, and Liberians are outgoing and welcoming.
Starting/Ending Point: Roberts Field International Airport.
Skill Level: Suitable for fit Beginner/Intermediate/Expert. This is an excellent first tour for the less experienced bicycle tourer, yet it has lots of options to keep even the most experience traveler occupied.
Mileage Daily / Total: 18-56 miles / 580km, 350 miles.
Cycling Conditions: 50% paved roads, pleasant, rolling, scenic terrain, occasional big hill..
Accommodations: Village housing ("village camping"), small hotels (some rustic), no rough tent camping.
Van Support: None. Local transport is generally available.
Meals Included: Two meals per day, generally breakfast and dinner (meat, chicken, fish, fruit, traditional food: rice with potato leaf or cassava leaf; Bitters, Crain Crain, Sawa Sawa and Okra soups, foofoo (cassava) and Jollof rice.)
Other Activities: walking, bus
Bike: Mountain bike or touring bike with wide tires suitable.    Bike Rental: Not available.

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Unique Programs To Special Places For Memories Of A Lifetime!

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