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The 'Maghreb' (Northwest Africa) invites a spirit of adventure. On the crossroads of early civilization, its citizens date their arrival back to the lost tribes of Israel and the Phoenician and Roman conquests. On an early morning stroll through one of the many ancient ruins, you almost see a chariot coming over the horizon. The hospitality of the people makes you feel at home.

Programs are in March-April and may vary between Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco (full schedule).

Tunisia By Bike

Tunisia in spring has the warm, bright and healthy climate common to the Mediterranean. The north is a tapestry of pristine whitewashed towns, beautiful beaches, the deep green Atlas mountains, extraordinary historical sites and rich agricultural valleys of sunflowers and olives. Rolling plains are dotted with Berber shepherds and herds of sheep, goats and camels. In the south the landscape is more subtle and the culture more traditional. The roads pass fingers of golden dunes that stretch up from the Sahara and miles of date palms. In age-old oases with sweet artesian wells and cool, covered markets. The rich cultural heritage, complex history, and the geographical and environmental diversity of the country awe participants on this program. Every day in this captivating country offers new insights and experiences.  Program participants will have opportunities to meet rural villagers, skilled craftsmen, educators and officials; to learn about the day-to-day life and the changing role of women; to shop in local markets; and to wander in Phoenician, Roman and Byzantine archeological sites dating back to the 2nd century BC. Rural Tunisia is a virtually undiscovered treasure for Westerners. Give it a look!

Reports (text and photos) on programs to Tunisia can be viewed at: Tunisia Photo Essay

Morocco By Bike

For those who seek the efficiency of Europe, the cultural richness of the Middle East and the uniqueness of Africa, and want a mix of simulating activities, the International Bicycle Fund is sponsoring special two-week, people-to-people, bicycle programs in Morocco. Each itinerary is unique. Morocco has a number of similarities to Tunisia, except things are bigger: the souks (markets) are bigger, the mountains are higher and longer, the old Jewish Quarters of towns are larger and better demarcated, etc. Morocco is a stable and pleasant mélange of a modern economy and infrastructure and traditional culture and values. Everywhere we enjoy the extraordinary friendliness of the people and inspirational beauty of the land. Charming, enchanting, delightful, irresistible, attractive, and fascinating are some on the words that are frequently used to describe Morocco.

Reports (text and photos) on programs to Morocco can be viewed at: Morocco Photo Essay

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