Selected Press Coverage on OFAC and the Right to Travel to Cuba


Despite embargo American flocking to Cuba, By Tracey Eaton, January 5, 2002, The Dallas Morning News. "Senators from Washington, business moguls from Oklahoma, and tourists from Illinois are streaming in......"

It's time to lift travel ban to Cuba, By William D. Delahunt and Sally Grooms Cowal, December 22, 2001, Boston Globe. "The old policy hasn't worked, and the overwhelming House vote to prohibit enforcement of the travel ban reflects the broad public frustration with these restrictions."

Lengthy Backlog of Cuba Travel Cases, By Ken Guggenheim, December 14, 2001, AP.  For those asking for a hearing, no fines issued because no hearings in nine years.

Letters to Editor  September 2, 2001, New York Times.  People comment on harassment by OFAC.

Canada Opposes U.S. Crackdown, By Glen McGregor and Mike Trickey, September 1, 2001, National Post Online.  Covers methods of harassment by U.S. Customs officials in Canada.

U.S. cracks down on trips to Cuba, By David Adams, August 13, 2001, St. Petersburg Times.  This article discusses OFAC's threats to fine people and some of the inconsistencies of OFAC.

Cuba travel on collision course,  by Max Castro, August 7, 2001, Miami Herald.  This article discusses who is controlling U.S. foreign policy towards Cuba.

Bush administration showing willingness to enforce law on visiting Cuba, By Frank Bruni, August 5, 2001, New York Times.  This article includes information on OFAC's threats to impose fines and other patterns of enforcement.  About 500 of the tens of thousands of people who visit Cuba without a license have received letters.

U.S. clamps down on travel to Cuba, By Tim Johnson, August 3, 2001, Miami Herald.  This article  discusses OFAC threats to fine people and some of the inconsistencies of OFAC.

Senator intervenes on Cuba art project, by Joel Mathis, June 19, 2001, Lawrence Journal World.  This article discusses OFAC denial of art project that would "confers a large benefit to the Cuban government."

U.S. builds new bridges to reach Cuban markets Sept 2, 1999, The Seattle Times.

American Tourists Flow To Cuba July 6, 1988, The Seattle Times.

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