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One element affecting how conducive a community is for bicycling is the structure of vehicle laws and other statutes. The links on this page will help you survey the laws for state in the USA.  Be forewarned that not all of the laws were created equally -- some protect the rights of bicyclist better than others.

Alabama Code - Search "Title 32-5A" - Motor Vehicles and Traffic.
Alaska Statutes
Arizona Revised Statutes - search for "bicycle"; the vehicle code is section 28.
Arkansas Code - search for "bicycle"; the vehicle code is section 27.
California Code - select "Streets & Highway Code" and "Vehicle Code" and search for "bicycle".
Colorado Revised Statutes
Connecticut General Statutes Motor Vehicle laws are in Chapter 14.
Delaware Code
Florida Statutes- Motor Vehicle laws are in Title XXIII.
Georgia Code - search for "bicycle"; the vehicle code is section 40.
Hawaii Revised Statutes - Motor Vehicle are in Title 17.
Idaho Statutes - Title 49 Motor Vehicles
Illinois Compiled Statutes click on search, search for keyword "bicycle"
Indiana Code - Title 9 is Motor Vehicles.
Iowa Code - search for "bicycle"; the vehicle code is Title 7, section 321.
Kansas Statutes - Motor Vehicles Chapter 8
Kentucky Revised Statutes - Title XVI, section 189 in motor vehicles.
Louisiana Revised Statutes - Title 32
Maine Revised Statutes - search for "bicycle"; the vehicle code is section 29.
Maryland Statute - "Transportation", Sections 11 through 27 are the Maryland Vehicle Law
Massachusetts General Laws - search for "bicycle"
Michigan Compiled Law - League of Michigan Bicyclists-What Every Michigan Bicyclists Must Know
Minnesota Statutes - search for "bicycle"; see sections 160, 168 and 169.
Mississippi Code - Title 63; Motor Vehicle & Traffic Regulations
Missouri Revised Statutes - click search, enter "bicycle"
Montana Code Annotated - Title 61 Motor Vehicles.
Nebraska Statutes - search for "bicycle" most results in Chapter 60.
Nevada Revised Statutes - Motor Vehicle Title 43.
New Hampshire Revised Statutes
New Jersey Permanent Statutes - search for "bicycle"
New Mexico Statutes
New York Consolidated Laws -
North Carolina General Statutes - Chapter 20 Motor Vehicles.
North Dakota Century Code - Chapter 39 Motor Vehicles.
Ohio Revised Code - most rules applying to bicycles are buried in Title 45.
Oklahoma State Statutes - search for "bicycle"; the vehicle code is Chapter 47.
Oregon Revised Statutes - bicycle are addressed in Volume 17, Title 59, Chapter 801-815.
Pennsylvania Code - Title 67
Rhode Island General Law - click on search, search for "bicycle"; the vehicle code is Title 31.
South Carolina Code of Law - Title 56 - Motor Vehicles
South Dakota Codified Laws - Motor Vehicles Title 32
Tennessee Code - Motor Vehicles Title 55
Texas Statutes - Transportation Code: Title 7, is vehicles and traffic.
Utah Code Title 41 Motor Vehicles
Vermont Statutes - Title 23 Motor Vehicles
Virginia Code - search for "bicycle",  Motor Vehicles Title 46.2
Washington Revised Code - Title 46 is Motor Vehicles. (bicycle synopsis)
West Virginia Code - click to "WV Code", search for "bicycle". Motor Vehicles Chapter 17A.
Wisconsin Statutes & Annotations - Motor Vehicles Titles 340-351.
Wyoming Statutes - Title 31 Motor Vehicles

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