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For the newest generation of hi-tech bike share scheme, money almost always changes hands, but there is a wide range of structures.

[If your interest is low-tech, community organized bike share programs; how they formed, how they are organized and to glean from there experiences go to Community Bike Programs]

There is usually a measurable benefits to having bike share system in your city. They increase the bicycle mode share almost overnight, they provide bike access to individuals who might not otherwise ride (especially if electric-assist bikes are available), the bicycles often easy to use and cost-effective for members and they can make a city a more attractive tourist destination.

This is a directory of hi-tech municipal and corporate operated bike share programs.  While in 2003 when we started the list it was very short, it is now a quickly expanding enterprise.  By 2011 there were over 400 bike sharing schemes in Europe alone, so given our limited resources to devote to this subject it has become difficult to keep the list current.  Still, please let us know if you know of additions or corrections.  If you are interested in the equipment used in these scheme, we have listed created a directory of hi-tech system manufacturers.

NACTO,, has published a Bike Share Siting Guide (PDF) that cover station placement and design.

Critique of 25 Bike Share Programs worldwide.

The latest innovation in bike share program is dockless bike (they don't have to be returned to a station, so they can be left in any safe public location). Companies offering this technology include: Limebike, Spin and Vbikes. Many of these are now including e-bike options.

Directory of World Community Bike Programs:
(Listed alphabetical by country, city and program operator)


Melbourne, Melbourne Bike Share, 600 bikes, with 50 kiosks, discontinued 2019.



Eisenstadt, Nextbike

Mörbisch, Nextbike

Neusiedl, Nextbike

St. Andrä am Zicksee, Nextbike

Citybike, Vienna, Gewista. Computerized check-in/out system. The first hour is free.  The bikes are designed to be sturdy and largely maintenance-free, featuring a single gear, and solid rubber tires.

Vienna (south), Nextbike


CycloCity, Brussels, JC Decaux

Villo!, Brussels, JC Decaux

Mobiel vzw, Bloemistenstraat 2b and the Veemarkt, Kortrijk, Belgium. In the Bloemistenstraat, at the back of the railway station, you can hire a bike - even alternative bikes - for one day or a longer period. The bikes at the Veemarkt are for one day and for free!



Samba, Rio de Janeiro. Operated by the City of Rio de Janeiro.


Golden Community Bike Share, BC

Montreal (winter pause), Bixi Montreal, 5000 bikes with 400 kiosks

Ottawa-Gatineau, Capital Bixi, 10 stations with 100 bikes

Toronto, Bikeshare Toronto, 1000 bikes, with 80 kiosks (2011)


B'easy, Santiago

China ( & Taiwan)

Beijing, Beijing Trip

Changzhou, Jiangsu province

Chengdu, Public Bike Rental

Chizhou, Anhui province

Foshan, Guicheng Public Bike Service

Guangzhou, Public Bike Initiative

Guangzhou University City, University City Public Bike Rental System

Hangzhou, 50,000 bicycles at 2,000 stations. This is said to be the largest bike share program in the world. The stations are no more than 1,000 feet apart. The city plans to expand the system to 175,000 bikes by 2020. (2011) Info on travel guide.

Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, C-Bike (defunct)

Nanjing, Nanjing Metro Public Bicycles

Shanghai, Rent Me A Bike, inaugurated in 2010.

Shenzhen, Shenzhen Public Bicycle Rental Service

Suzhou, Public Bicycle Service System

Taipei, Taiwan, YouBike Public Bike System.  Automated electronic system, using RFID and smart card system.  The is a choice of long-term EasyCard memberships or short-term card registration is available from the information kiosk at each rental point.  The first 30 minutes of each session is free then US$0.30 for each additional 15 minutes  The service is sponsored by the Taipei government and supported by Giant Bicycles.

Taizhou, Eversafe Public Bike System

Tianjin Gang City, New Area Transit Public Bikes

Wuhan, Public-Use Bicycle Program

Yantai, Yantai Cycling

Yinchuan, Public Bikes



Nicosia, CyBikes,

Czech Republic

Yello, Prague



Arrhus Bycykel, Aarhus



CityBike Program, Helsinki Finland. There are 25 stands in the centre of Helsinki where you can get a Citybike for your own use by paying a deposit of FIM 10. After you have finished cycling, you return the bike to any City-bike Stand for the next person needing a bike.


V'Hello, Aix-en-Provence, JC Decaux (2007-2011)

Vélo an Oriant; Lorient; 3 stations and 40 bikes;

Velam, Amiens

VeloCite, Angers

Velopop, Avignon, 18 bike stations and 200 bikes; (Smoove)

Velocite, Besancon, JC Decaux


V'eol, Caen, Clear Channel

VelO2, Cergy, JC Decaux

Reflex, Chalon-sur-Saone, 12 bike stations and 150 bikes (Call a Bike until now, Smoove starting 2013)

Moovicite, Clermont Ferrand

Velodi, Dijon, Clear Channel

Métro Vélo Service, Grenoble, 32 bikes stations and 450 bikes (Smoove); 1800 bike in long term bike sharing;

La Rochelle , City Council

Velo'v, Lyon, JC Decaux

Le Velo, Marseille, JC Decaux

Velomagg', Montpellier, 50 bike stations and 380 bikes; 1800 bikes in long term renting (Smoove)

Velocite, Mulhouse

VeloStan'lib, Nancy, JC Decaux

Bicloo, Nantes, JC Decaux

Velo Bleu, Nice

Velo+, Orleans, EFFIA

Velib', Paris, JC Decaux  20,000 bicycles (2011)  Washington Post Article on Paris and other French programs.

BIP, Perpignan, Clear Channel

Velo Star (previously Velo a la Carte), Rennes France.

Cy'clic, Rouen, JC Decaux

St. Denis

Velivert, St Etienne, 38 bike stations and 380 bikes; (Smoove)

Vélhop, Strasbourg, 15 stations and 455 bikes; 8000 bikes in long term renting; (Smoove)

VeloToulouse, Toulouse, JC Decaux

Velo-Libelo, Valence, 20 bike stations and 180 bikes

Velocea, Vannes, Veloway


Batumi; 30 stations and 360 bikes (Smoove)


Call-a-Bike, Multiple cities; Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne (Koln), Munich, Stuttgart and Karlsruhe.  A bike rental system.  Approach any Call-a-Bike bicycle at any major intersection within the city. If the green light is blinking on the lock, the bicycle is available. Register yourself by calling the registration hotline. Once you have registered, call the number displayed on the lock and you will be given a code. Punch in the code into the lock and presto! the bike is yours. Charges are 7 cents/ minute, maximum 15 Euros/day and 60 Euros/week. When you want to return the bike, bring it to a major intersection and lock the bike down to a fixed structure (but not a traffic signal light!). Follow the instructions on the lock to enter in a return code. You will automatically be charged from your credit card.

Berlin (2), Nextbike



Coburg, Nextbike

Cottbus, Nextbike

Dresden, Nextbike

Düsseldorf, Nextbike

Erfurt, Nextbike


Frankfurt (2), Nextbike


Halle (Saale)

Hamburg, Nextbike

Hannover, Nextbike

Koblenz, Nextbike

Köln, Nextbike

Leipzig, Nextbike

Lubeck, Nextbike

Lubeck Harbour, Nextbike

Magdeburg, Nextbike



Corfu, 8 bike stations and 100 bikes (BrainBox and Smoove)


Cycle Chalao, Mumbia, I-Initiative (CLOSED 2013)


Dublinbikes, Dublin, JC Decaux

Dublin Airport (staff only), Hourbike

Dublin City


Tel-o-fun, Tel Aviv. The program launched in April 2011 with about 500 bikes in 53 stations.  There is a target of 1,500 bikes in 150 station by the end of July 2011.  Costs are 55 Euro for a year, 12 for a week, 2.8 daily and 4 Fri/Sat. After the subscription, the first 30 minutes are free, with the next 30 minutes costing 1 Euro and going up in increasing increments.


Bicincitta.  Electronic system with ID card and docking stations use solar panels. Bicycles are docked in stations and you can take a bicycle using the ID card obtained by the office of the city administration. In Cuneo and Savigliano this service is free, in Parma and Pistoia it costs about 80 cents per hour.

Alba, Bicincitta

Alpignano, Bicincitta

Asti, Bicincitta

Bari, Bicincitta

Bassano del Grappa, Bicincitta

Bergamo, Bicincitta

Biella, Bicincitta

Borgomanero (near Novara), Bicincitta

Bra (CN), Bicincitta

Bicimia, Brescia, Bicincitta

Cameri (near Novara), Bicincitta

Casalmaggiore, Bicincitta

Chivasso (TO), Bicincitta

Collegno (Torino), Bicincitta

Cuneo, Bicincitta

Druento, Bicincitta

Fossano, Bicincitta

Mobike, Genova, Bicincitta.  Partly electrical bikes

Grugliasco (Torino), Bicincitta

Guastalla, Bicincitta

Speziainbici, La Spezia, Bicincitta

Lecce, Bicincitta

Bikemi, Milan

Mt val Vigezzo

Novara, Bicincitta

Novi Ligure, Bicincitta

Parco Molentargius (Cagliari), Bicincitta

Parma, Bicincitta

Pinerolo (TO), Bicincitta

Pistoia, Bicincitta

Prato (LM), Bicincitta

PedalaRE, Reggio Emilia, Bicincitta / Azienda Consorziale Trasporti

Rivoli, Bicincitta

Roma'n'bike, Rome, Bicincitta

Saluzzo, Bicincitta

Savigliano, Bicincitta

Schio, Bicincitta

Settimo Torinese (Torino), Bicincitta

Siracusa, Bicincitta

Terni, Bicincitta

Torino - Nichelino, Bicincitta

Udine, Bicincitta

Gimme Bike, Varese, Bicincitta

Venaria Reale (Torino), Bicincitta

Vicenza; 2 stations and 40 bikes (Zeppelin and Smoove)


Vel'Ok, Esch-sur-Alzette

Vel'Ok, Luxembourg


Mexico City


Monaco, Bicincitta




City Bike Rotterdam, Rotterdam

Veluwe (National Park)

New Zealand

Auckland, Nextbike


Smartbikes, Bergen, Norway.  This is a commercial subscription program by Clear Channel Adshel where bikes can be checked out. 

Smartbikes, Drammen, Norway.  This is a commercial subscription program by Clear Channel Adshel where bikes can be checked out. 

Drammen Bysykkel, Drammen

Smartbikes, Oslo, Norway.  This is a commercial subscription program by Clear Channel Adshel where bikes can be checked out. 


Sandnes, City Council

Trondheim Bysykkel, Trondheim

Smartbikes, Trondheim, Norway.  This is a commercial subscription program by Clear Channel Adshel where bikes can be checked out. 


BikeONE, Krakow


BUGA, Aveiro, Portugal.  BUGA project (Bicicleta de Utilização Gratuíta de Aveiro), sponsored and managed by Câmara Municipal de Aveiro, aims at reintroducing the bicycle in the current day-to-day life of the town. Started with a stock of 200 bicycles, spread over 39 parks, it offers the possibility of a free ride to any citizen. In 2006 the project is under reevaluation.


Cicloteque, Bucharest


Smartbikes, Bukit Batok, Bukit Gombak and Tanjong Pagar, Singapore. This is a commercial subscription program by Clear Channel Adshel where bikes can be checked out.  (probably defunct in 2005)

South Korea

NUBIJA, Changwon City, South Korea.  Municipally sponsored bicycle rental system.



Seoul, South Korea. Initially serving specific districts near the Han River, but expected to expand. (media)



Bicicoruna, A Coruna

Albacete, Onroll

Alcalá de Guadaíra

Alcala Bici, Alcalá de Henares

Alcazar de San Juan

Alhama de Murcia, Onroll


Amorebiziz, Amorebieta, ITCL

Antequera, Onroll

AranBike, Aranjuez, Onroll

Badajoz, Onroll

Baeza, Onroll

Bicing, Barcelona, Clear Channel. Public bike program.

Benicassim, City Council

Bilbao, City Council

Bicibur, Burgos, ITCL

Camargo, City Council

Bicity, Cartagena, City Council

BiciCAS, Castellon, ITCL

En bici, Castrillon & Aviles, ITCL

Catarroda, Catarroja, ITCL

Ceuti-en-Bici, Ceuti

Ciudad Real, Onroll

Eco-bici, Cordoba

Tubici, Cuenca, ITCL

Bici Altea, Denia

El Campello, Onroll

Ferrol-en-bici, Ferrol

Getxo Bizi, Getxo, ITCL



Granada, Onroll

Granada (University), Onroll

Ambicia't, Granollers

Guadalajara, Onroll

Jaen, Onroll

Tubici, Jerez de la Frontera, ITCL

BibiAmbiental, Las Palmas

Enbici, Leganes, ITCL


Logrobibi, Logrono, ITCL


Malaga, City Council

Medina del Campo, City Council

Biciudad Miranda, Miranda de Ebro, ITCL

Montilla, Onroll

Novelda, Onroll

Roda limpo, Ourense, ITCS (defunct)

Paiporta, Onroll

Palencia, Onroll

nbici, Pamplona, Cemusa

BiciPlas, Placensia, ITCS

Ponferrada, ITCS

Priego de Cordoba, Onroll

BiciPuerto, Puerto Lumbreras

Puertollano, Onroll


San Andres del Rabanedo, ITCL

San Javier, Onroll

San Pedro del Pinatar, Onroll

d-Bizi, San Sebastian-Donostia

BiciSanVi, San Vicente del Raspeig, ITCL

Sant Joan d'Alacant, Onroll

Tusbic, Santander

Combici, Santiago de Compostela

Segovia, Onroll

Sevici, Servilla, JC Decaux. ("Sevilla" + "bici[cleta]") A subscription-based service, that is, you apply for a membership card and give them a credit-card number. Along with the construction of a subway system and other measures, the bike program is an important part of Seville's efforts to solve the traffic problem.Soria

Soria, Onroll

Talavera de la Reina, Onroll


Torrentbici, Torrent, ITCL

Bicito, Totana, ITCL

Ubeda, Onroll

Valdebici, Valdepenas, ITCL

BiciVic, Vic, City Council

Villanueva & Don Benito. Onroll

Villaquilambre, Onroll

Villarreal, Onroll

Vinaros, Onroll

Vitoria, City Council

BIZI, Zaragoza

Mugi, Zumaia




Stockholm City Bike, Stockholm, Clear Channel


Aigle/Monthey, "Bicincittà" Solution from "Velopass"

Basel/Bâle, "Bicincittà" Solution from "Velopass"

Bern, NextBike

Biel/Bienne, Velosport

Fribourg, "Bicincittà" Solution from "Velopass"

Geneva, BikeSharing

Langenthal, NextBike

Lausanne-Morges, "Bicincittà"-Solution from "Velopass"

Lucerne, Nextbike

Lugano, "Bicincittà"-Solution from "Velopass"

Riviera, "Bicincittà" Solution from "Velopass"

Sion, "Bicincittà"-Solution from "Velopass"

Vevey, "Bicincittà"-Solution from "Velopass"

Visp, "Bicincittà" Solution from "Velopass"

Yverdon, "Bicincittà"-Solution from "Velopass"

Zug, Nextbike

Zurich, BikeSharing


Kampala, Bike Sharing Project at Mekere University

United Kingdom

Blackpool, Hourbike

Bristol, Hourbike


Cardiff, OY Bike

Cheltenham, OY Bike

Farnborough, OY Bike


London, Santander Cycle (aka Boris Bikes), 400 stations, 6000 bikes

Reading (not centre), OY Bike

Southampton Un.

United States

Albuquerque, NM Bike Share (probably defunct)

Atlanta GA, Bike Share

Boston MA, Hubway, 610 bikes, with 61 kiosks, operates spring, summer and fall (2011)

Boulder CO, B-Cycle, 200 bikes, 10 kiosks (2011)

Boward County FL, B-Cycle, 200 bikes, with 11 kiosks

Charlotte, NC, B-Cycle

Chicago IL, Divvy Bikes, 100 bikes, with 6 kiosks

Chicago IL (university)

Columbus, OH Cogo Bike Share

Dayton, OH, Link Dayton

Denver CO, B-Cycle, 500 bikes, with 40 kiosks

Des Moines IA, B-Cycle

Houston TX, B-Cycle

Irvine CA

Kailua HI, B-Cycle

Kansas City, MO, B-Cycle, 27 stations.

Madison WI, B-Cycle

Miami FL, Decobike, 1000 bikes, with 100 kiosks

Minneapolis/St Paul MN, Nice Ride MN, 1000 bikes and 60 kiosks.

Nashville TN, 30 bikes, with 2 kiosks

Omaha NE, B-Cycle

Pullman, WA, Washington State University, Coug Bikes.

Salt Lake City UT

San Antonio TX, B-Cycle, 140 bikes, with 14 kiosks

San Francisco CA, 2700 bike (projected)

Seattle, WA, Three dockless programs; Lime Bike, Spin Bike and Ofo,

Spartanburg NC, B-Cycle

Washington DC, Capital Bikeshare, 1200 bikes, with 128 kiosks

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