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If you are from an organization that would like to make a shipment of bikes to a deserving project, but don't know of a recipient, below are some requests for bicycles that we have received.  You can also contact the organizations currently recycling bicycle and see if you any of their current recipients can absorb additional bicycles.

If you represent an organization that would like to receive bikes (usually used) and would like to be listed on this page, please e-mail us a brief message with the following information and format:

  • the name of your organization,
  • contact information,
  • a description of your organization,
  • a description of the bike project including the geographic target area of program,
  • recipient group for bikes,
  • how many bikes you are looking for,
  • whether you have funds to help pay for shipping
  • any other information that you think might be helpful to a donor.

We keep requests posted for several years and then it is deleted if we don't hear from you again.

Organization Requesting Bicycle

Donors: WE HAVE NOT VETTED THESE ORGANIZATION and ALL THE INFORMATION BELOW IS PROVIDED BY THE REQUESTING ORGANIZATION.  (Unfortunately some people get involved in 'humanitarian' and "religious" endeavors misrepresent their activities.  We encourage donors to thoroughly research the organizations you plan to work with.)

* To prevent email address harvesting and SPAM, the email addresses in this directory are un-hyperlinked and have an extra space in them.  To use the email address: cut-and-paste the address and delete the space before the @ symbol.  For those of you with honorable intentions we are sorry for the inconvenience in communicating with these fine organizations.

Levozy Self Help Group, Dagoretti, Nairobi, KENYA. Email: levozyshg *Has a vocational training scheme, targeting the less privileged youth in the surrounding communities.  These bicycles will be used as revolving asset in that after the pass out of students, which normally take one year, the bicycles will be returned to the college to help other new in comers who will be in need of the same. (July 2016)

Kayenje Church of Uganda Primary School, Kayenji UGANDA. Contact: Wilson Wabalanda (Headteacher), wabalanda *. Kayenje Primary is a non profit school with enrollment of 857 children with 17 teachers. The school has had volunteer teachers from UK an organization called "Project Trust" who have provided teachers for 3 years. When children and teacher fall sick, they lack transport, the school lacks accommodation within the school compound, teachers come from  5-7 kms on foot. We kindly request you to assist us with at least 30 bicycles to help the teachers and the school at large. (Oct 2012)

GambiaHelp, GAMBIA. Internet: Contact: Shelby Tarutis. Email: shelby  *. Wants bicycles. (May 2012)

Association of Reformed Evangelical Churches of Burkina Faso (AEERB), BP 228 Kongoussi, BURKINA FASO. Contact: Rev KINDA Tegwende Leonard. Email: aeerb1  *.  Tél:+226 4045 9373. (May 2012)

The AEERB is a protestant obedience organization. Created by the beginning of the 70s, is has been recognized by Burkina Faso government in 1986 as a confessional NGO engaged in economic and social development.  The bike project is planned to support community volunteers to go from a village to an other to educate people and to response to the sick and the most vulnerable people. We are looking for:60 bikes for AEERB community volunteers.

Jinja, UGANDA. Contact: Julius Magumba. Email: mag2julius  *.  Wants bikes for youth organization. (April 2012)

Dolly Foundation, PO Box, AF 25, Assin Fosu, Central Region. GHANA. Contact name: Rosina Akourkor Teye. Email: dollylove201060  *.   (Jan 2012)

Dolly Foundation is a women led organization. Main beneficiaries of our work are women and children. Our action areas include health, education and agriculture.  Most of the schools in the community are far from each other and it makes it difficult for children to go to school. Most of the junior high schools are so  far that children attend primary and do not want to continue because of the distance to the junior high school location. We want to encourage education because education is the backbone of every nation. We would like 80 bikes for junior high students. We are liaising with the district education so, if we get the supply the education department will see to the shipment. Helping these children to get transportation means will encourage these children to attend school.

Etete Muslim Community,  PO Box 220, Mumias, Western KENYA.  Contact: Ongoro Ali Mohammed. Email: ongoroali  *.  (Dec 2011)

We are a Muslim organization that is trying to empower the local community who are very poor. We have engaged the youth to go round and educate the local population on how to empower themselves, entrepreneurial skills and teach them also about the HIV and AIDS scourge by approaching it from the religious point of view. Logistically the movement of this facilitators has been very difficult for the organization. We require about 300 bikes so that we can expand our area of influence.

Cameroon League For Development, BP 31332 Biyem Assi Yaounde, Center Region, REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON. Email: camleadngo  *.  +237 994-478-76 / 765-025-20 / 787-920-39 / 961-844-59.  Fax: +237 223-111-84. (Nov 2011)

Cameroon League for Development is a non-political, non-sectarian and non-profit making organization. It’s a humanitarian socio-economic and socio-cultural organization that seeks to redress the plight and empower under-privileged persons, and to promote sustainable and participatory development. Our bicycle project will establish cyclist clubs for youths and train them on cycling. These clubs will participate in different exhibitions and competition where we will also take opportunity to raise awareness on the importance of girls’ education. The project will also conduct outreach and environmental conservation activities with youths through their clubs to promote multinational youth’s integration. This project also intends to promote the use of bikes to reduce school transportation problems for young people especially the underprivileged orphans, increase access of youth to education and bring about social cohesion and solidarity. Especially as we have very hilly roads that some of our youth s in the rural areas must cover on foot in other have access to education. We will need about 400 bicycles. We will try and raise some funds to assist for shipping of the bikes.

Healthcare Volunteer Uganda (HVU), PO Box 33049, Kampala UGANDA. Contact: Ponny Bukenya. Email: healthcarevolunteer.uganda *.  HUV is an NGO based in central Uganda that provides comprehensive services to orphans and vulnerable children. In addition to health services, health education, and HIV/AIDS sensitization, HVU increases the capacity of orphans and vulnerable children, especially girls, to attend and excel in school.  We are request for bicycles to help us implement the Mubende Reading After Dark Program (MURADAP).  HVU is currently in the process of a long-term project to distribute solar lanterns to over 754 girls in rural villages in Mubende District. Solar lanterns will provide a way for these girls to continue their education after dark, allowing them to read and learn even after the sun sets.  To accompany the solar lanterns and become an integral part of MURADAP, HVU would like to request a donation of bicycles. Increasing access to bicycle would help to solve the transport problem. HVU’s project beneficiaries are between the ages of 6-18, with most of the girls falling between the ages of 8-13. (July 2011)

EDOR Ohrid, MACEDONIA. Our area of work is education and sustainable development. We are interested in accepting the donation of bicycles. Contact: Alexander Velkoski.  Email: acelimpe  *.  (May 2011)

Ministry, Box 161,Lugazi, Buikwe, Central 256, UGANDA.  Contact: Pr. James Kibowe, Email: kiboweja  We are working with youth groups, women, widows, orphans and the elderly. Our main objective is to reach out to them with the loving grace of JESUS Christ. Therefore the reason to ask is to support rural pastors, youth with 100 bicycles for transport to be able to reach out to other locations with the gospel of JESUS Christ. (Dec 2010)

Orucho Village Community Worship Centre, PO Box 1544, Kisumu, Nyanza 40100. KENYA. Contact: Joseph Peter Onyango. Email: communityworshipcentre08 *. Tel: +254 71 218 9873. "We wish to request 45 bicycles for the most needy youths in this village." (Nov 2010)

Maya Pedal, Calle Del Cemetario, 00173 San Andres Itzapa, Chimaltenango, GUATEMALA. Contact: Efre Luna. Tel: +502 7849-4671.  Email: mayapedal  *. Internet: (Oct 2010)

Maya Pedal is a Guatemalan NGO based in San Andreas Itzapa. We accept bikes donated from the USA and Canada which we either recondition to sell, or we use the components to build a range of "Bicimaquinas", (pedal powered machines).

Pedal power can be harnessed for countless applications which would otherwise require electricity (which may not be available) or hand power (which is far more effort). Bicimaquinas are easy and enjoyable to use. They can be built using locally available materials and can be easily adapted to suit the needs of local people. They free the user from rising energy costs, can be used anywhere, are easy to maintain, produce no pollution and provide healthy exercise. We make water pumps, grinders, threshers, tile makers, nut shellers, blenders (for making soaps and shampoos as well as food products), trikes, trailers and more.

We target anyone living or working in the western Guatemalan highlands, from our local community in San Andres Itzapa to the larger cities of Antigua, Chimaltenango, and the areas around Lago de Atitlan. The people of San Andres Itzapa are the greatest beneficiaries of our reconditioned bicycles, the profits of which go towards the creation of bicimaquinas. Anyone in Guatemala who requests a bicimaquina will be receive one. The cost of a bicimaquina only covers its production-- we don't look to make a profit from this endeavor.

We are looking for 450 to 500 bicycles, although we will accept any number (500 is our maximum).  We are able to contribute US $3,000 for shipping costs

Other information: We are currently in a crisis in terms of bicycles. We are very short on bikes and the ones we have are of very poor quality, rusted and old and not fit for use as a bicycle or even a bicimaquina. This organization has been in existence for 13 years but if we don't receive more bicycles soon we may have to close our doors indefinitely. The bicycles that we receive will either go to families who can't afford one otherwise, or towards the advancement of green technology and healthy people everywhere.

Ndibwami Integrated Rescue Project (NIRP), Plot 10, Grant Street Former Centenary Bank Building,  P.O BOX 691, Masaka,  UGANDA. Contact: Dr. Nabunje Immaculate Sabatini,  Executive Director.  Tel: +256773779423. Email: nirpproject  *. (Sept 2010)

"Currently NIRP's core programs include HIV/AIDS counselling, Medical care, Social support, Community training and capacity building, AIDS Education and community mobilization, and Advocacy and networking.

"We are requesting 160 bicycles. The bike project will benefit all community workers within the operational area of Masaka, Rakai, Kalungu, Ssembabule, Kalangala and Bukomansimbi districts in Central Uganda. The operational area is a gentle undulating geography with a few hilly areas. This kind of geography favours the use of the bikes very well. The bike project will enable community workers perform their duties of caring for the sick and routine visits to beneficiaries’ families will be promoted."

Action for Child Development Trust, Kakamega County, KENYA.  Contact: Robert Namunyu, ACDT chairman. Email: rwaron  *. (Sept 2010)

Works to bring improved quality of life to children, women and citizens. 130 girls and 120 boys in Bunyala West Location, Navakholo Division, Kakamega County, are frequently absent from school because they are day students, their homes are far away from the secondary schools. They are now in danger of dropping out of school, learning less in school and performing poorly in national examination. A donation of 250 bikes will enable the students who are in five secondary schools to travel and arrive in school on time and they will have enough time to study at home and in school since they will save time on walking. The community and ACDT will be willing to help with shipment costs.

Kiuta Day Secondary School, PO Box 188, Newala, Mtwara, TANZANIA. Contact: Claire Thomas . Email: claire.m.thomas  *. (Aug 2010)

"Kiuta Day is a rural secondary school in the southern most region of the country. The school has approximately 300 students, most of which come from very modest means. The catchment area for the school is quite large and many students have bikes to make the long trip. However, a number of students can not afford a bicycle and make a 2 hour journey on foot to arrive at school each day. Our hope is that we establish a bike borrowing program with 20 used bikes for the students furthest from school. The students would be responsible for maintenance of the bicycle and would be held accountable until it was returned at the end of the school year."

Tanzafya Medical Foundation, PO Box 3115, Mwanza, TANZANIA. Contact: Kogoya Ledinius, CEO. Email: tanzafya_medfond  *.  Would like 400 bicycles for a street kids bicycle program. (June 2010)



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