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If you are an individual or from an organization that would like to work with an organization in a less developed region, on bicycle training (mechanics and / or advocacy), below are some requests we have received.  You can also contact the organizations currently recycling bicycle and see if you any of their current recipients need bicycle trainers.

If you would like to receive bicycle trainer / intern, and would like to be listed on this page, please send the name of your organization, contact information, a description of your organization, a description of the bike project including the geographic target area of program, recipient group for bicycle training, how long a program you envision, whether you have resources to contribute to room, board and/or a stipend and any other information that you think might be helpful to a donor, to ibike

Donors: WE HAVE NOT SCREENED THESE ORGANIZATION and ALL THE INFORMATION BELOW IS PROVIDED BY THE REQUESTING ORGANIZATION AND UNVERIFIED. (Unfortunately some people get involved in 'humanitarian' and "religious" endeavors for totally self-serving purposes.  Please thoroughly research the organizations you plan to work with.):

* To prevent email harvesting the email addresses in this directory are un-hyperlinked and have an extra space in them.  To use the email address: cut-and-paste the address and delete the space before the @ symbol.  For those of you with honorable intentions we are sorry for the inconvenience in communicating with these fine organizations.

  • "CRTPD, a national NGO in Sierra Leone, is looking volunteers to work with local partner community groups involved with the Bike Project.  In July 2008, CRTPD received a 40 ft. container of bikes and sewing machines from the partner organization, PFP, in the United States and would be more than happy to place a volunteer to help train young people in the maintenance and repairing of bikes as well as establishing a small enterprise program for young people to start realizing their fullest potential in national development efforts."  Contact: Shed Jah, crtpdprograms (Sept 2008)
  • "BIS 39 civil organization, is located in Kýrklareli, Turkey. I repair bicycles but in Turkey there is no education about how to repair bicycles. There is no certificate program about repair bicycles in Turkey. If you have this education on repairing bicycle in your country, please inform us. Maybe we can prepare a project with the help of Youth Exchange Programs so that we can have the same education in Turkey." Contact: Metin ERMAN, Trakya Üniversitesi. Kýrklareli Saðlýk Yüksekokulu, 39100 Kirklarely TURKEY. Tel/ Fax: +90 288 214 3825. Email: hfarukoglu (Jan 2006)
  • "We would like to invite a bicycle trainer to our village In Kamagambo location in Migori District in Nyanza Province in Kenya to help me teach the villagers how to fix and maintain the bicycles for rural transportation." Contact: Caleb Omolo jaratengodondi (Dec 2005).



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