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    Korea Program Testimonials

    "Excellent cultural and cycling experience... Good exposure to Korean culture, food, countryside and villages. I especially enjoyed the marketplaces."
    Tom B.

    "It was ideal for me as a first time tour biker.  I did learn a lot about Korean culture which I did not know before: I enjoyed eating Korean food at restaurants.  I found the temple stay interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed the sashimi we had one evening."
    Steve T.

    "Wow! I can't for the life of me figure out why there are not more bicycle tourists in Korea and your trips aren't sold-out a year in advance. Just about everything about the experience was far beyond my expectations and wonderful; people, scenery, roads, food, accommodations, you name it.  I can't wait to go back and see more."
    Pat D.

    "Korea is a superb place to ride. I give it high marks in all the important categories: terrain, scenery, weather, road quality, traffic, food, accommodation, and friendly folks. The arrangements and route planning of Ibike make for a great ride."
    Mike B. (multiple Ibike program participant)

    "I like the bike touring a lot! In addition, the museums and temples are great way to see more of the country."
    Gregg L. (multiple Ibike program participant, including two tours in Korea)

    "I enjoyed it a lot; went places, took routes and did things I wouldn't have done even if I had time while living in Korea."
    Hal C. (expatriate resident of Korea for six years, who went back to do the bike tour)

    "The program had just the right mix of country/cities, hills/flats, free time/cultural activities...  The bicycling had a good variety - from flower lined bike paths to city streets. Drivers are courteous. Roads are smooth. And the weather was perfect...  There were many opportunities to interact with the locals throughout the trip...  The Buddhist temple stay was amazing. It was an honor to be allowed to participate in their daily and nightly activities.  I appreciated that the meals, accommodations and activities were Korean and not westernized.  David was wonderful.  He handled our diverse group with grace and diplomacy...  As a single woman I never felt unsafe anywhere or at any time. The Korean people are friendly, gentle, accommodating...  It was a most excellent once in a life time adventure."
    Betsy T.

    "What an amazing trip! ... Thank you all for making this trip a grand adventure!"
    Karen W.

    "10 out of 10. I was interested in seeing a new country and learn about its people, history, culture, economy. Your program fulfilled all my expectations"
    Hanruedi S.

    "It was fun recounting the day over good food and drink."
    Hal C.  (expatriate resident of Korea for six years, who went back to do three bike tours)

    "Thank you for a great trip. Your route, restaurant guiding, and informative descriptions all made this trip memorable."
    Laura and Frank S.

    "We had a wonderful trip. Thanks for being such an awesome guide... The Temple stay was one of the best highlights."
    Janine and Greg P.

    Vietnam Program Testimonials

    "Not seeing another Western tourist for ten days is probably the big measure of this trips.  It was real fascinating, fun, educational and an eye-opener mingle with the culture in so many different and genuine situations.  Thank you for the opportunity."
    Chris D.

    "Great way to travel; I like the places Ibike goes, and also the approach and philosophy, as opposed to a cushy trip where one would be so separated from "real life."
    Marcy S.

    "I really enjoyed the trip...  I had a LOT of fun...  I really liked the spontaneity of the trip... The floating market was a great experience. My favorite day was the one that ended in the minority area, when we [saw] the ethnic music and dance... Perhaps one of the best culinary experiences was having the fruit with the salt/chili dip by the side of the road."
    David S.

    "The tour was exactly what I expected and I had a wonderful time.  The itinerary was well balanced and well crafted.  Thanks for being a great guide and having the patience of a saint."
    Caroline B.

    "The trip was a blast."
    Doug S. (multiple Ibike program participant)

    "Your program of Vietnam was really wonderful. The best part of the program was riding along the shore, in the mountains and past the rice fields."
    Hansruedi S.  (multiple Ibike program participant)

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