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Guyana Cultural Tour: Shell Beach


Extension: Charity to Shell Beach (by boat, 3 1/2 hours).  See sea turtle nesting and hatching.
Points of interest: nesting site of 4 of the world’s 8 sea turtle species.

Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society, Luri Camp Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society, Luri Camp, Shell Beach, Guyana.  Luri Camp is primarily a research station and conservation project.  Its infrastructure is at best rudimentary and it is not currently a "tourist facility."  Visitors should make arrangements in advance and need to bring their own provisions and do their own cooking.
Audly James, Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society Turtle hatching statue designed by Audly James, Georgetown, GuyanaThe director, co-founder and on-going tour-deforce behind the Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society, Audly James.  Besides being a leading conservationist he is a carver and artist.  He designed the hatching turtle sculpture in Georgetown.
Romeo and Violet, Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society Romeo and Violet (Audly's son and daughter-in-law) recording data collected by wardens during their nighttime patrols from Luri Camp, Shell Beach, Guyana.
tagging leather back turtle, Shell Beach, Guyana measuring leather back turtle, Shell Beach, Guyana The wardens patrol rain or shine.  Because the turtles nest and hatch at night a lot of the work happens between midnight and 4 a.m. during the season, April to July.  When they find a turtle they tag (or record the information from the tag if she already has one,) and measure the turtle.  These are leather back turtles.

The turtle nesting is fascinating, but the pictures don't quite tell the whole story. If the seas are rough it is a long haul out to Shell Beach. And, the mosquitoes can be a problem -- fierce. We also had rain, but it was less of a problem.  Both are seasonal. It is possible to be on Shell Beach when the turtles active, rain is unlikely and the mosquito population is "lower".  The turtles are very memorable, despite the mosquitoes and rain.

leather back turtle laying eggs, Shell Beach, Guyana turtles hatching, Shell Beach, GuyanaA leather back turtle, the world's largest marine turtle.  The female lays eggs above the high tide line, in a whole she spent over a half-hour making.  She covered the eggs before she was finished.  The whole process took over an hour.

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