[Here is an abbreviated English version of the article without photos, translated by Hee Young Ahn.]

Dive into ancient Shilla / Bike tour of Mozer’s team

“From the fourth century to the seventh century, was the era of three kingdoms, called Shilla, Paekche, Koguryo.  This must be a Shilla king’s tomb, but nobody knows who he is.” David Mozer explained to his team in front of Cheonmachong (Heavenly Horse Tomb).

He has a good knowledge of Korean history and culture. On the way to Cheomseongdae Observatory, near the remains of Panwolsong Fortress, a ceremony attracted the team.  It was annual ceremony for the twelve kings who had know their tombs.

David Mozer, leading the bike tour, is the founder of IBF as well as an environmental activist. [The reporter explained a brief history of the organization.]

The itinerary of the trip was planned by David Mozer himself. During the trip, he kept explaining the society, politics, and culture of Korea to the rest of the team.

He seemed to understand these more and better than the reporter did. All these might come from his special relationship with Korea. He now raises a 10year old daughter adopted from Korea. His wife is an Asian-American, one of whose parents is a Korean.

[The reporter introduced the rest of the members.]  Shilla B is a novelist, the only woman in the team, who is writing a story of a nurse involved in Korean War. She wanted to experience Korean culture and people through the trip. SeongGul Seo, CPA, is a Korean-American immigrated from Korea when he was 16.  Greg L is a computer engineer who is also expert in bike tour.

Their bike tour is not simply a sightseeing one.  A bike is a kind of symbol for a way to keep human-friendly environment to them. David Mozer wanted more Koreans to join in their movement and more attention on their bike tour program.