General Terms and Conditions (PDF format)

    Program components: The program includes accommodations, two meals a day, leader/ guides, transfers which are part of the program, and monument, historic site, park and museum fees, on the itinerary.

    Program Does Not Include: Your expenses incurred before and after the program such as accommodations, meals, travel and transfers; excess baggage charges; all beverages, including soft drinks, liquor, beer, coffee, tea and bottled water; airport, security and departure taxes; passport and visa fees; vaccination; drugs and medical expenses; insurance; single supplements; tips and gratuities; personal items such as laundry, postage and telephone.

    Surcharges: Good value and personal service are basic tenets of our program. We try to keep fees in line with the cost of doing business and our desire to attract participants eager to experience culture and environment in an intimate and sensitive fashion. Fees are based on at least six participants. There may be a surcharge of US$100 for programs with less than six participants. Programs are based on the itinerary, tariffs and exchange rates at the time of publication. No revisions are anticipated; however, fees are subject to adjustment in the event of alterations in currency exchange, inflation, the imposition of surcharges or changes in the itinerary, with the understanding that any additional expenses will be paid by the individual participant.

    No Refund on Unused Services: No refund or credit is given for unused program services or accommodations or leaving a program early for whatever reason: culture shock, inadequate physical conditioning, health, injury, etc. Refund will not be given to anyone asked to leave the trip because he or she is, in the opinion of program leaders, compromising the safety, security or success of the program.

    Risk: Educational value, safety, security, health, road quality, seasonal climatic norms and riding difficulty are considered in the construction of the itinerary. Paved and unpaved roads are used. We do not engage in "sanitizing missions" to eliminate all environmental dangers. In fact we leave the environment as we find it. It is our policy to avoid civil unrest and acute crisis. While safety is a factor in planning the program, because the program involves bicycling on roads shared with motor vehicles and, in part, routes are selected because they go to desirable areas, we make no claims as to the safety of the itinerary. Furthermore, the organizers can not anticipate and are not responsible for the actions or circumstances created and controlled by others, including but not limited to the weather, the conditions of the routes and program destinations, the behavior of other road users, the skill and judgment of participants, and the negligent or criminal actions of other individuals. To the extent possible the organizers make reasonable inquiries as to the conditions of our routes and destinations and inform participants of the general nature of risks we are aware of. The right is reserved to make changes in the itinerary and its included features, with or without notice, as may be necessary for the well being and the proper carrying out of the program. It is recommended that participants master the material covered in a "Smart Cycling", "CAN-BIKE", or similar comprehensive adult cycling course, prior to the trip.

    Registration: Register online or by sending your name, address, phone number, name of the program(s), a signed Voluntary Waiver and Release Form Liability and Indemnity Agreement and a deposit of $300 per program (of which $300 is a non-refundable administrative fee).  Registrations submitted less than 60 days prior to departure should include the full program fee. Registrations received less than 30 days prior to departure will be accepted subject to availability and a late fee of $50. Due to possible visa and vaccination requirements, limits on group size and the advisability of cracking the reading list, early registration is encouraged.

    Full Payment: Due 60 days prior to departure. If payment has not been received and no special arrangements have been made, we reserve the right to assume withdrawal and fill the space.

    Withdrawals: To receive a refund if withdrawing, submit a letter of withdrawal in writing to Ibike. Our policy is as follows: (1) A $300 administration fee is forfeited, per program, for all withdrawals. (2) A fee of 50% is assessed for withdrawals within 60-30 days prior to departure. (3) The full price of the tour is forfeited for withdrawals initiated less than 30 days prior to departure or during a tour. Changes in medical circumstances are not considered as exceptions to our normal refund policy. Insurance coverage for trip cancellation/interruption is available from several companies.

    Cancellation: If program is canceled by the organizers, all monies paid for services not performed in accordance with the contract will be refunded within fourteen days after cancellation, unless the participant requests that the organizers apply the money to another program.

    Pre-Departure Services Provided: On receipt of your Release From Liability we forward a pre-departure packet. This contains information on: international travel, air travel, preparing your bike, selecting personal equipment, visas, immunization, books to read, insurance options, etc. We welcome calls or letters if you need additional information.

    Air Transportation: Participants are responsible for their own air travel arrangements. We usually do not escort groups during air travel. If you would like, we will assisting you in planning your flights. We are also willing to help you plan your extended travel arrangements before and after your program.

    Travel and Equipment: Most travel is done by bicycle. A sturdy bicycle (road or MTB) suitable for touring is recommended. Participants are fully responsible for their own bicycle and personal equipment. Information on selecting and setting up your bicycle and equipment is sent in a pre-departure information packet.

    Baggage: Participants are responsible for carrying their own belongings during the cycling portion of the program, except on programs specifically identified as having a support vehicle. Baggage is at owners' risk throughout the program. Baggage allowances for airlines vary so contact the airline for their current policy. Excess baggage charges must be borne by passenger.

    Accommodations: Sleeping arrangements range from local housing to cabins with bunk beds, simple hotels and tourist hotels. We endeavor to select clean, friendly and secure accommodations. Rates are based on shared rooms.  Rooms are generally, but not always, double occupancy.  Will try to match people with roommates, if they wish. If you want a 'twin shared room" that is not available, don't have a roommate, or don't want a roommate, there may be a single supplement charge.  This represents the actual difference in the cost to the program.  Similarly there may be situations where single rooms cannot be guaranteed. Plumbing, electricity and modern services are often not available, and when seemingly available, maybe malfunctioning or nonfunctioning.

    Meals: Provided at or above the local standard and often taken family-style. Variety and choice of food is often very limited. Food for certain restrictive diets may not be unavailable. Choice of beverages is often very limited.

    Taxes and Tip: Gratuities for local guides, porters, waiters, etc., are customary and at the individual participant's discretion. Airport departure taxes are the responsibility of the traveler. The organizers pay taxes on lodging and meals, while with the group.

    Travel Documents: Participants are responsible for their own travel documents. Participants must carry a valid passport. A current International Certificate of Vaccination is necessary for travel in some countries. Visas may be required. Participants are responsible for acquiring the necessary visas. Visas are issued solely at the discretion of visa officials. If a visa is denied your program fee will be refunded.

    Health Responsibilities: Participants are responsible for their own physical and mental health. The program includes strenuous physical activity in a different culture. For the safety and enjoyment of all participants, good physical and mental health is essential for these programs. The ability to participate by those who have any physical or mental impairment that will impede them from active daily bicycling and/or sightseeing activities, or have conditions that will be aggravated by these activities will be evaluated on an individual basis. We may require a statement from a physician describing the nature of the limitations and accommodation needed. We will make a reasonable effort to accommodate some limitations. The organizer reserves the right to refuse acceptance of anyone whom it deems unsuitable for a trip. Under no circumstances will acceptance be refused based on race, creed or sex. Vaccination(s) and prophylactic medicine(s) are required or recommended for travel in some areas. It is recommended that an ANSI/Snell approved bicycle helmet be worn during all bicycling activities.

    Medical Care: Programs operate in areas remote from modern medical facilities. The organizers provides information and guidelines to help participants stay healthy, but assume no responsibility for medical care or advice, or for a participant's physical or mental health, prior to, during or after the program.

    Insurance: Personal health insurance, travel, evacuation and baggage insurance is strongly recommended. Cycling and travel have inherent risks. Even the most conscientious behavior does not guarantee against illness or injury.

    Special Arrangements: We want you to have a great trip! Please express your individual interests. We try to be accommodating. It is not always possible to make changes in itineraries, but we want you to be as satisfied as possible about overall arrangements.

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