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June 21, 1999


SEATTLE, WA. The National Summit on Africa will culminate in Washington, D.C. in February 2000 when a new U.S./Africa agenda for action will be presented to leaders in the community, government, and industry. It is a national grass roots effort that everyone is welcome and encouraged to get involved with. As part of the process the Washington State Initiative on the National Summit on Africa is holding an open meeting to introduce the project on Wednesday, July 21, from 7:30 to 9:00 P.M., at the Miller Community Center, 330 19th E, Seattle WA 98112 (near the corner of East John Street).

The National Summit on Africa is a non-governmental, nonprofit, organization with three objectives:

  1. To further educate the U.S. public about Africa and engage more Americans in the policy-making process;

  2. To develop new grass roots constituencies for Africa and help existing ones expand their scope; and

  3. To energize this broadened constituency to craft a shared policy agenda aimed at informing and reshaping the policy making process on U.S.-Africa affairs.

The Washington State Initiative on the National Summit on Africa is pursuing these three objectives, as well as recruiting members for the Washington State Delegations to the National Summit. The delegation will reflect the diversity of the state, including gender, race, age, etc. Delegates will be drawn from the private and public sectors, including non-governmental organizations, state and local government, business, academic, religious, labor, high school students, university students, etc. If you have an interest in Africa relating to: sustainable fisheries; sustainable transport/urban ecology; small and medium size business trade and investment; external debt; dissemination of "high-tech" technology; environmental stewardship/sustainable forestry/sustainable agriculture; health care/food security; education; cultural exchange; human (civil) rights/democracy; or peace Work/Refugees/Landmines, you are urge to attend the meeting or make your interests know to us.

For more information or to get involved, messages can be left at 206-767-0848 or sent to [email protected] (remove "X").

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Please forward this to anyone who might be interested and suggest that they contact us if they would like to receive future announcements.

Please let us know of any organization you know of in Washington State that address Africa by sending us their contact information. If they don't have email we will also send notices by snail mail.



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