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Prehistoric Guiana

by Denis Williams

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  • Paperback
  • Price: $25.00
  • ISBN: 0972935878
  • Pub. Date: August 2003

Product Details

  • ISBN: 0972935878
  • ISBN-13: 9780972935876
  • Format: Paperback, 505pp
  • Publisher: Randle, Ian Publishers, Incorporated

    One new copy available from IBF.  For details email "[email protected]" our domain name.

    Table of Contents

    Text Figures  
    Text Tables  
    List of Maps  
    Message from the Government of Guyana  
    Denis Williams - A Biographical Note  
    Editor's Preface  
    Introduction 1
    The Paleo-Indigenous Peoples 55
    The Andean Heritage 62
    Peoples of the Tropical Forest Archaic 76
    Demography 76
    Settlement pattern 86
    Economy 100
    The First Farmers 207
    The Formative 236
    The transition to horticulture on the Western Guiana Littoral 242
    Mabaruma: origin, characterization, chronology 267
    Domestication of the land on the Aruka River 272
    Recharacterization of the Mabaruma phase 277
    Periodification of the Mabaruma phase 280
    Iconography 282
    The Formative interaction sphere 290
    The Protohistoric Mabaruma interaction sphere 297
    The Proto-Eastern Maipuran Arawak migrations 301
    Mound dwellers on the Eastern Guiana Littoral 317
    The Proto-Northern/Proto-Eastern Arawo convergence 339
    The demise of the Orinoco-Amazon interaction corridor 343
    The Carib migrations 346
    The Akawaio dispersal 367
    Belief, magic, death and the forms of art 394
    The woman potter in sacred and secular art 397
    Inter-ethnic frontiers 400
    Origin and Dissemination of Tropical Forest Culture in the Guianas 406
    The principal migrations 408
    Literature Cited 429


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