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Comments and Testimonials from past participants.... 

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Ed Note: Due to media reports on problem spots in Africa, perhaps you are a bit hesitant to bicycle there. As a responsible company specializing in Africa, we would like to ease your mind. While Africa is not without its problems, we are very selective about where and when we travel. The general information on Africa misrepresents how safe, serene and welcoming the continent as a whole has been and continues to be.  Let our past participants tell you what they experienced.  References are available on request, email us at: "ibike@" our domain name.


"I have gone on six tours with Bicycle Africa. I can't say enough good about the organization. I have been able to see a tremendous amount of Africa by American standards. David's knowledge of the continent is staggering. It is always amazing to hear him talking with some local person and telling them about places that they have never heard of or seen in their own country. I have traveled to Ghana, Togo, Mali (twice and I'm ready to go again), Burkina Faso, Benin, Senegal, The Gambia, Uganda, Malawi, and Zimbabwe."
Herb M. (9 program participant)

"One of the things that I am happiest about doing was the Bike Africa trip. I remember when I sent you my deposit I felt like I had literally started a new book in my life…then I realized I had better go out and buy a bike and actually start riding. I think my life has changed more since that time than any other time in my life, for the better."
Hope W. (now a 5 program participant)

"This was the hardest and probably best trip of my life....Difficult because I took up biking only two months ago...gratifying because I was able to keep up and enjoy the adventure. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet some of the people of Zimbabwe, read their books and listen to the sadza and sleep on the very clean floor of a school teacher's house. Your reading list was wonderful."
Denby F.

"children  flowers  fish eagle  colors  greetings  hill   dust  sunset  nsima  akazi  laughs  flavors   elephants  chichewa  Shire  friends  smiles...zikomo Malawi,   zikomo Bicycle Africa"
Silvia C. (9 trip participant) [ed. note: "zikomo" is "thank you" in the Chichewa language of Malawi]

"I remember sitting and talking to a teacher, and I asked him what he thought of us riding into his village and staying there. He replied… ‘It makes me very happy that you want to see my country and visit my village’."
Hope W. (5 program participant)

[ed: Multiple program participant Eric created and dared us to post the following.  No problem.  We can take it all.]

For those who like balance, we have even posted some comments on the worst parts of the program.

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