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General Bike Safety Information

10 Commandments of Basic Bicycle Safety (Infographic)

35 Tips to Stay Safe on the Road (The Geeky Cyclist)

Bicycle Driver Training Course Curriculum Outline

Bicycle Driving Blog on a variety of topics touching bicycle safety

Bicycle Laws and Statutes, State-by-State

Bicycle Repair and Maintenance Tips: Essays on how to overhaul various parts of your bike.

Citizens For Reliable And Safe Highways (CRASH): Most address large truck safety.

How You Can Avoid Getting Hit By Cars While Cycling

Insurance Inst for Highway Safety - Fatality Facts: Bicycles (USA)

Kids Bike Safety Kids Health site covers the basics.

New York City: Bicycle Growth and Safety

Safe & Confident Bicycle Driving

United Bicycle Institute: Training in bicycle repair and maintenance, with some online help on a couple repair and maintenance topics.

For Kids, the Cascade Bicycle Club (Seattle WA) has a "Sprocket Hero Coloring Book" and directions for doing bicycle rodeos. You can get more information on it from Education Department,, and from the education section of there website,

In the USA, each state has a National Safe Kids Coalition. The national website is  Some states have state traffic safety commissions with safety materials for kids.  The AAA has produced some safety materials for kids. Some hospitals do injury prevention programs that distribute safety materials.  Also check with local emergency medical services (EMS), fire departments and the police or sheriff.

L.A.B. Safety Signs

The League of American Bicyclists (LAB) has produced a 15 message set of safety signs to be placed along the routes of bicycle rides. The signs are designed to educate riders who may not be familiar with cycling etiquette or rules of the road and also serve as gentle reminders to experienced cyclists. Each 11"x14" sign is laminated for durability and rain resistance. Sets of 30 (two of each sign) are available for $36.75 ppd. For more information: LAW, 190 W Ostend St., #120, Baltimore, MD 21230-3755. Tel: 410-539-3399, Fax: 410-539-3496. Email:  Internet: (1995)

IBF's Bicycle / Safety / Sustainability Bibliography / Reading List

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Bicycle Safety Videos

The following videos have been suggested for use with youth bicycle programs.

How to Videos on a Range of Bicycle Topics

Inspirational Bicycle Videos

"Bike Safe, Bike Smart" (2004). Peer-to-peer approach to teach elementary and middle school age audiences how to Bike Safe. Produced by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. (9 min)

"Ride Smart: Its Time to Start" (2002). Peer-to-peer approach to teach children that wearing a bicycle helmet can protect them from serious injuries (including brain injuries). Produced by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. (9 min)

Bikes-Not-Bombs Safety Video. Youth made bike safety video that covers riding along a bike path, getting ready for rides, and street riding, as well as pre-ride safety check and bike fitting. good soundtrack and fun video. ($10)

"Bike Safety with Bill Nye the Science Guy", Disney Educational Productions (1996).  In his entertaining way, Bill covers pre-ride check, helmets, hand signals, rules of the road, and gives valuable tips. (16 minutes)

"I'm no Fool on Wheels",  Disney Educational Productions (1990). Procedures and equipment needed for rollerskating, bicycling and skateboarding. (13 minutes)

"Kids 1." Some dated images, presumably being updated.

"Road 1." Some dated images, presumably being updated.

Bike Safety Videos in English and Spanish.

"Deux Secondes".  "Two Seconds", referring to the distance of safety.

UK Accident Statistics Video

Archive Bicycle Safety Videos:

Warning About 'Lay-Out Bars'

A letter in the "Journal of the American Medical Association," July 1992, warns of dangers to bicyclists who use the new inverted V handlebars, also known as areo and layout handlebars and assorted other trade names. The bars are designed to allow riders to cut aerodynamic drag and thus increase speed. But while the position reduces wind resistance and can increase speed, it also shifts the cyclist's weight to a less stable position on the bike, restricts steering and may affect the riders ability to reach the brake. Thus the position can reduce control, visibility and braking, warns the authors, two doctors from Providence Medical Center in Portland, OR USA. They recommend that layout handlebars not be used by novices, in high traffic areas, on rough roads or when making turns.

One of the newest accessories for urban cyclists is any one of a number of filtering anti-pollution masks. They aren't without controversy: The are questions about their effectiveness: most have an enormous amount of leakage so provide very little filtered air; and, while activated carbon may remove 90% of ozone (assuming no leakage) it is totally useless against carbon monoxide (ozone only occurs on sunny days). One charge is they address the symptoms not the problems -- why don't we just clean the air? They put the burden on the victim, not the criminal. And, if there rational is to make a political statement, is it effective? Look for additional controversy.


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