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Bicyclist / Motorist Share the Road:
12 Month Campaign





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Bicyclists: winter cycling is safest if you are prepared.  Dress properly, use lights and wear a helmet.

Motorists:  Cyclists are active year round.  Be alert, anticipate, and share the road with bicycles.


Bicyclists: Safe cycling is a learned behavior.  Are you up to date on the rule?

Motorists:  Keeping our roads safe is a shared responsibility.  Be alert, anticipate, and share the road.


Bicyclists: For safer cycling give your bike a spring check‑up or ask your local bike shop for help.

Motorists:  Keep your eyes moving.  Watch for pedestrians and cyclists.  Be alert, anticipate, and share the road.


Bicyclists: When carrying groceries, briefcases, books and gear keep the weight low and balanced.  Keep you hands free.

Motorists:  Cyclists with loads need more room.  Be alert, anticipate, and share the road with bicycles.


Bicyclists: Your two‑wheel vehicle must follow the vehicle code.  Ride on the right; observe all rules of the road.

Motorists:  People are cycling to school, work and play.  They have equal legal rights. Be alert and share the road with bicycles.


Bicyclists: Out of the front yard a bicycle is no long a toy. Concentrate, always signal clearly, and wear a helmet.

Motorists: Most bicycle accidents occur on residential and rural roads.  Be alert, anticipate, and share the road.


Bicyclists: Drink before you're thirsty, eat before you're hungry, rest before you're exhausted.  Enjoy the ride.

Motorists:  Help make summer safe for everyone.  Be alert, anticipate, and share the road with bicycles.


Bicyclists: Will your next left turn take you to the hospital?  Look, signals, and wear a hard shell helmet.

Motorists: Cyclists come in all sizes, shapes and levels of skills.  Be alert, anticipate, and share the road 


Bicyclists: On your way to work, school and play, ride with traffic, watch for right turning vehicles.  Wear a helmet.

Motorists: People are cycling back to school and work.  Look before you turn, be alert, anticipate, and share the road.


Bicyclists: With grayer mornings and evenings you're harder to see. Make yourself visible; wear light colored cloths and use lights and reflectors.

Motorists:  Now that mornings and evenings are darker drive with extra care.  Be alert, anticipate, and always give room.


Bicyclists: A bike is a great gift.  For safety-sake make sure it fits. Ask an expert for help.

Motorists:  Don't turn the holidays to tragedy.  Don't drink and drive. Watch for pedestrians and bicyclists.


Bicyclists: Make a friend comfortable and protected, put gloves, lights, a helmet or reflector in their stocking.

Motorists:  Share and give.  Share the road and give room.  Please don't drink and drive.  Happy holidays and have a safe New Year.

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