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There are many, many good reasons for bicycle commuting, recreational bicycling and creating a strong bike culture in general -- weight loss for some and weight management for others is one of the reasons:

A new full-time bicycle commuters can expect to lose an average 13 or more pounds their first year of bicycle commuting if they maintain the same eating habits.

Like a lot of statistics, this one has a lot of conditions -- it is an average and assumes the bicyclists doesn't change their eating habits.  We have heard story of people who have lost several times 13 pound, so there must be other people who loose much less. 

The whole story is going to depend upon how many mile the commuter is bicycling.  How overweight and sedentary they were at the start can be a factor.  Speed, terrain, width of the tires, tire inflation, weight of the bike, weight of the load, etc., all influence level of effort for bicycling.

But amidst the variables a few things are less floozy:

According to, a 125 pound bicyclists, going 12-14 mph, for 1 hour, burns 495 calories.  According to the parameters from, a 125 pound bicyclists, going 12-14 mph, for 1 hour, burns 450 calories., and all says a pound of fat has about 3,500 calories.

Using these numbers, a 125 pound person with a five mile commute (ten mile a day) will burn about 350 calories on the commute for the days they bicycle.  If they bicycle commutes 200 days a year, they will burn up about 70,000 calories for their effort.  70,000 calories equates to 20 pounds of fat.

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