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    About Ibike


    • To promote international understanding and cultural sensitivity.

    • To introduce people to the diversity and complexity of the world.

    • To promote sustainable transport, environmental practices and economic development (in unexploited markets and not constrained to tourism infrastructure.)

    • To have fun.

    Inclusion Policy

    No one is excluded from participating in programs based on nationality, national origins, race, creed, color, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

    Years in Operation:

    Since 1983

    Contact Information:

    Ibike, LLC
    4887 Columbia Drive South
    Seattle, WA 98108-1919 USA
    Tel: 1-206-767-0848 (depending upon our travel schedule, it is sometimes better to use email, which we can now access almost worldwide, at least every few days.)
    Email: ibike@ibike.org

    Office Hours:

    We currently have no regular hours, but we monitor email and voice mail.

    Founder and Program Director:

    David Mozer is the founder and director of Ibike.  He is an African studies specialist and accomplished bicyclist. He first started cultural bicycle touring in the 1960's. His first trip to Africa was in 1975 as a Peace Corps Volunteer to Liberia. During the next two years he taught math and science and hiked hundreds of miles visiting isolated village schools directing an education extension program. He then traveled extensively studying the rest of West Africa. After completing a Masters Degree in Applied Economics, David returned to Liberia on contract with the American Embassy, at which time he administered a grant program for village development and reported on economic conditions. During his travels, David has collected hundreds of pieces of African art, a stack of material on culture and folklore and extensive knowledge of conditions in Africa. He has appeared on National Public Radio, the Voice of America and the Voice of Kenya discussing Africa. David also has taught African Studies at the college and high school level and is the director of the International Bicycle Fund where he works on rural development, environmental issues, urban planning and cross-cultural understanding. David is the author of 'Bicycling In Africa' and numerous articles on transportation and travel.

    Privacy Policy

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