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    We'd like to help you get out of the box, and show you how exhilarating it is! Don’t expect the usual crowded destination, walled-off tourist hotel, or insular vans and buses. Do expect a fun, active, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and socially enriching experience. Most of our programs are two-weeks long (except the local Seattle tours), and many programs are designed to be combined with a subsequent, contrasting program to allow for a longer holiday.

    Ibike tours are like a leachy fruit; maybe not the prettiest packaging on the fruit stand, but peel off the shell and nothing is sweeter!

    Bicycling during the COVID-19 pandemic: By its nature, bicycling is fairly low risk: its outdoor, its easy to maintain social distancing, and when it happens, close proximity to others is very brief.  For more information on COVID-19 and resumption of the Ibike tour program, click here.

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    Ibike offers fascinating, affordable, small group, bicycle tours, to special destinations, for ordinary active people. Each program is unique, has a mix of activities (some are multi-sport), and highlight the diversity and most interesting facets of the area. While we explore the complexity and nuances of the history, economy, culture and environment, there is bountiful beautiful backroad bicycle touring to enjoy.  Safety and security is a primary concern in our selection of destinations and routes, and we eat well.  Ibike has be offering unique bike tours, to special places, for memories of a lifetime, since 1983.

    Have doubts? Here is: Why you should take an Ibike bicycle tour!

    COVID-19 and Ibike Tours

    We are resuming our programs when and where they can be safely operated, and when local authorities allow such programs:

    By their nature, our programs are COVID-19 compatible on the following points:

    • It is easy to maintain physically distant while bicycling.
    • Our groups are small and constant.
    • Most activities are outdoors.
    • We avoid high traffic areas.
    • Close contacts with other people are brief and infrequent.
    • We will wear face masks or covering when physical distancing cannot be maintained or required by local regulations.
    • Good hygiene can be maintained.

    We hope to travel with you soon.

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    Please contact us if you would like to be added to Ibike's mailing list or have questions, comments, corrections or criticism. (Also, please let us know how you learned about us and found this site.) Privacy policy.

    Promoting Peace Through Travel

    Our condolences to the people around the world who lost family and friends in the attacks on September 11 and terrorist attacks before and after. To those who have found their sense of well-being shaken to the core, we offer our support.

    The divisiveness of terrorist attacks has been profound, but we hope that a countervailing attitudes will prevail. At Ibike we feel that we must rededicate ourselves to working to identify and practice the core values that promote peace and encourage understanding in the world.

    One avenue for this is through international people-to-people programs. These kind of activities is now more important than ever. To the extent that we can develop interest, we will continue to offer programs that help people understand and appreciate the diversity of the world. 

    We hope that you will take the very important step to venture out, and then return home and share your experiences with your friends.

    Are you CAUGHT in someone's frame? Click here Escape the frame to escape

    Cuba People-to-People Program
    Cuba People-to-People Programs

    Ibike Washington State Bicycle Tour
    Rolling the Islands of the Salish Sea
    Ibike Multicultural Heritage Programs in
    Washington State / British Columbia

    Seattle Heritage Bicycle Tours

    Ibike Korea: Bicycle Tour Cultual Immersion
    Korea Bicycle Tour Programs
    Explore Eastern Korea (T'amhomhada Tongjjokui Hanguk)
    Sojourn to the South Sea (Naduri Namhae)

    Bicycle Africa: Bicycle Tour Cultual Immersion
    Ibike Bicycle Africa Programs

    Ibike Ecuador: Bicycle Tour Cultual Immersion
    Ibike Ecuador Cultural Tours

    Ibike Guyana: Bicycle Tour Cultual Immersion
    Ibike Guyana Bike and Boat Cultural Tour

    Ibike Nepal: Bicycle Tour Cultual Immersion
    Nepal: Mid-Mountain Mystery

    Ibike Vietnam: small group cultural tours
    Vietnam Small Group, Cultural Programs
    Cultural Collage of the South
    Imperial Roots (Central)

    Please contact us if you would like to be added to Ibike's mailing list or have questions, comments, corrections or criticism. (Also, please let us know how you learned about us and found this site.) Privacy policy.




















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