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Bicycling in Korea

The annual program links together great rides in different parts of the country that mix farming villages, lush forest, spectacular coastlines, and cultural and historical sites. The tours are two-weeks long and usually begin in Seoul, Busan or Gyeongju.  The group is limited to 10 people so early registration is recommended.

The primary mode of travel is bicycle. The cycling varies from program to program but is generally easy to moderate, with some long, gradual hills. Side trips are available for those with extra energy. Accommodations are a mix from western-style hotels and Korean hotels (sleeping on futons on heated floors), with one overnight at a Buddhist temples. All participants receive comprehensive pre-departure materials with detailed instructions on setting up their bicycle, packing, training and other information for program preparation. The program is ideal for the realist who appreciates the world and the wonderful rewards gained for the modest rigors of bicycle touring.

David Mozer, the director of Ibike, sums up bicycle in South Korea this way: “The cities are eye-candy, the villages are eye-candy, the farmlands are eye-candy, the forest and mountains are eye-candy, the coastlines are eye-candy and meeting people on a bicycle is simply wonderful.  I can’t understand why touring cyclists are not swarming all over the back roads of South Korea.”  Jan Boonstra, a collaborator on the program, who has been bicycle touring in Korea for 30 years and around the world for far more, expressed his enthusiasm, "I can't give you a precise reason, I just love this country and I love bicycle touring here. South Korea is a paradise for adventurous cyclists."  A program participant describe the tour and country as "95% beautiful."

Korea Bicycle Tour handout (PDF - Print two-pages back-to-back and cut into thirds -- the text is the same on each panel.)
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