Rolling the Islands of the Salish Sea:
Bicycle Tours of Seattle, Puget Sound and Environs
(a.k.a. Sbubi Lithlal Ti Swatixwtud)

(Note: Sbubi is a traditional Salish "rolling the hoop" game. When Captain Vancouver first visited, the children tried rolling hard tack they got from his ship's crew. For our purpose, we will be rolling bicycle wheels. Swatixwtud is the Lushootseed word for "earth".  Lushootseed is the indigenous language of the Salish, the original people of the inland waters the Northwest USA and Southwest Canada.)

For those who already love the northwest USA and/or southwest Canada, or for those who are willing to fall in love with this region, the Ibike offers two bike tour programs out of Seattle:

  • Visit to Chief Sealth's grave during Puget Sound bicycle tourRolling the Islands of the Salish Sea (a.k.a. Sbubi Lithlal Ti Swatixwtud.): two-week bicycle tour across six islands from Seattle to Victoria exploring the rich history and heritage, the geographical and environmental diversity (forests, farms, fjords, fish, etc), and the economic, geological and cultural complexity of Salish Sea. (photo of old Chief Sealth's grave site, which has since been redesigned as a modern, hard surface, monument.)
  • Seattle Heritage One Day Bicycle (or Walking) Tours; custom day tours exploring the history and cultural heritage of Seattle and vicinity.

Ibike produces immersion, people-to-people, educational programs for those who want to learn more about the people of the world, as well as see the beautiful sights. The primary mode of travel is bicycle. The cycling varies from program to program but is generally easy to moderate. Side trips are available for those with extra energy.

Regional Background Information and Links

Getting There: Multi-modal Options for Seattle, King County & the Northwest


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