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Vietnam Bicycle Tour: Imperial Roots (Central)


Tuy Hoa - Nha Trang (135km, 84mi)  Generally follow the the coast on a  fine roads.

Points of interest: Ben Goi Bay, Nhan Cham Tower, Nha Trang ship yard.

  Irrigating rice farm with human powered pump, Tuy Hoa As we were about to leave delta of the Ba River and the coast plains we passed this couple using ropes and a heavy piece of fabric, and synchronized motions, to lift water over a dike to irrigate their rice fields.  
  New coast road, Tuy Hoa A lot of Vietnam's coast is characterized by flat coastal plains.  In contrast to this, the section between Tuy Hoa and Nha Trang is very diverse, rarely flat, and one of the most beautiful section to bicycle in the country.  
  Lighthouse, coastline, fishing boats, Vietnam This section of coast includes high mountains with steep faces that run into the sea, sheltered bays, which are the home to fishing fleets, and broad clean, unpopulated sandy beaches that stretch from headland to headland. Fishing fleet and fishing village, Vietnam
  Fishing fleet, Vietnam In the photos left and right, people  move from boat-to-boat, and between the larger boats and the shore in a traditional rowboats, essentially a large woven basket that has been waterproofed with tar. Traditional row boat, Vietnam
  Coastline, Vietnam Coastline, Vietnam Fishing village and fishing boats, Vietnam White sand beach, Vietnam
  Commemoration of 1930 uprising by communists Throughout the country are modern era monuments and memorials.  The one to the left commemorates a 1930's communist uprising.  It is located in a relatively small town north of Nha Trang.  From the information we could get there is no connection between the uprising and the location of the monument.  
  Buddhist temple Set auspiciously halfway up a hill, with a view out to and inlet, is a Buddhist temple.  
  Village on estuary, Vietnam Below the temple is a small town above a bay full of shrimp farming pools (right).  Vietnam has a large shrimp farming industry, but none of the beds that we saw looked very active at the time. Village with shimp farm in the background, Vietnam
    Nha Trang has a major Champa Tower, boat building yards, a quaint old town, a long sandy beach, and dozens of tourist hotels, but I must have been too busy celebrating to take any pictures (in several passes through the town.)  None-the-less, it is a pleasant place to end a tour.  We returned to Saigon by van.  

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