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Vietnam Bicycle Tour: Cultural Collage of the South


Cai Be Trang Bang (200km, 125mi) Travel by van and boat; visit floating market.

Points of interest:  Cu Chi tunnel complex

  The more upland areas of the plains associated with the Mekong Delta have much more diverse agriculture.  In the main part of the delta rice is the predominate crop. On the edges flowers, vegetables and fruit crops took over.  
  The looks like a leafy area of the forest floor, but if you sweep the leaves aside you will find one of the concealed entrances to the Cu Chi tunnel complex.
  The Cu Chi tunnel complex is an elaborate network of strategic tunnels.  It was started in the 1940 during the fight against French colonialism and continued to be used and expanded during the fight against the Americans.  
    In addition to tunnels, there were networks of trenched that could be access from, or exited,  directly to the tunnels, and defensive elements like bobby traps lined with spikes (left) and anti-tank mine fields (right).
  A water buffalo in his element.  

The headquarters, and largest temple of the Cao Dai church is in Tay Ninh. Cao Dai was established in the Southern regions of Vietnam in the early 1920's.  The religion was officially codified in 1926. It is a combination of Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Confucianism, Hinduism, Geniism, and Taoism. It is an attempt to create a perfect synthesis of world religions. At the end of the French period there were millions of followers in the Mekong Delta region and it had its own militia. The church is hierarchical with priest of different seniority praying in groups at different levels.  Music is provided by musicians and boy and girl choirs.

  The trailer is part of a funeral ritual.  
  This is the Santa Claus suit shop.  This suits didn't fit any Santa Clause much over a meter high.  They seem to be very popular in country.  

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