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Vietnam Bicycle Tour: Cultural Collage of the South


Lak Lake Lam Ha (110km, 70mi) (elev 800m). A tougher ride with an intermediate mountain.

Points of interest: Abundant agriculture: rice, corn, and coffee, coffee, coffee

  We woke to blue skies.  The first section of the day took us through more communities of the minority ethnic groups.  In relative terms, these communities seem pretty affluent; house were large and in good repair, most had electric service, television antennas sprouted from the roofs and there were assorted motor-vehicles around.  
  This was to be the most beautiful day of the trip -- in addition to the great weather, it is very picturesque.  Unfortunately it is also the day that I had the most sever camera battery problems.  So I can't show you the lush farm land, verdant mountains, pristine rivers, or the palatial houses in the Dinh Van coffee growing area.  There were also a lot of pig trucks in that area so they might have had several sources of wealth.  I guess I have a couple of reasons to go back; it is one of the most gorgeous and interesting rides in the country and it is very photogenic.  

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