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Europe, Middle East & Mediterranean Bicycle & Sustainable Transport Advocacy Organizations & Clubs

[Most of these site are posted on a reciprocal basis.  If you have a site that fits this category. that you would like listed, please follow the instructions under "link exchange."]

* To prevent email harvesting the email addresses in this directory are un-hyperlinked and have an extra space in them.  To contact an organization you will need to cut-and-paste the address and delete the space before the @ symbol.  For those of you with honorable intentions we are sorry for the inconvenience in communicating with these fine organizations.

Multi-Country Organizations

The European Cyclists´ Federation,, web site maintains a list of organizations in Europe. URL's for many of the national organizations are given there, and they in turn have links to current resources with in the respective country.

List is alphabetical by country

Amputee Bicyclists for Rehabilitation and Recreation (Afghanistan)
c/o KJRC Compound
P.O. Box 782
University Town, Peshawar, Pakistan
Tel. +92-91-844078.
Email: aabrarps

BURG - Youth Environmental Center (Armenia)
Arabkir, 39th St., 2 Building, Apt. 12, Yerevan, Armenia
Phone: (374 10) 250671
Email: burg

Croatian Cycling Federation (Hrvatski Biciklistècki Savez)
Nikola Smolic, President
Drazen Orescanin, Secretary
Trg Sportova 11
10000 Zagreb
Phone: +385 1 350 526 / 339 333
Fax: +385 1 391 119 / 391 128 / 350 502
Email: irilovic / dorescan

Czech & Slovak Traffic Club
Jakubske Namensti 7
CS-60200 Brno
Czech Republic
Phone: +42 5 531 323
Fax: +42 5 422 10 347

Program Energetickych Uspor (Energy Efficiency Program) (Czech Republic)
Kratka 26
100 00 Praha
Tel/Fax: +420 2 781 6571
Email: peu

Slovic Velo Lexicology: In May and June of 1895, nineteenth century champion velocipedist Robert Jefferson successfully rode from London to Moscow and back in under 50 days. (This was after he had cycled from London to Constantinople (Istanbul) and back in 1894.) His vehicle, an Imperial Rover. According to our Slavic language connection, in parts of Poland, even now, the word for bicycle is "rover." The use of "rover" may have originated with Jefferson's ride.

Dansk Cyklist Forbund (Denmark)
Organization of Danish activists.

BaltiCCycle (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania)
A non-commercial cooperation of the Estonian "Vänta Aga", Latvian "Velogrupa" and Lithuanian Cyclists' Associations as well as the Polish Tourists' clubs "Crotos" and PTTK Suwalki
a) International bicycle tour "BaltiCCycle",
b) Publications for cycling the Baltics on your own: cycle maps, route descriptions,
c) Contacts for commercial cycling travel agencies; and
d) Intar-Baltic information exchange.
Tel.: +370-699-56009
Fax: +370-5-2784074
E-mail: Frankas

Vaenta Aga (Estonia)
Lunini Street 3
EE-2400 Tartu
Phone: +7 372 747 9673
Phone: +7 372 435255
Fax: +7 372 435440

FUBICY (France)
French Federation of Bicycle's Users

Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad Club (ADFC) (Germany)

'Bringa' Works Group (Hungary)
Bringa Munkacsoport
c/o Ecoservice
Sz‚chenyi rkp. 7. V.em.
H-1054 Budapest

The Bringa Work Group ('Bringa' is the Hungarian word for bicycle) reports that the Hungarian government has voted to dedicate 5% of the road construction budget to build national and international bike paths. Unfortunately, the money can't be used inside Budapest, which currently has only 23 kms (14 miles) of bike paths and many narrow cobblestone streets. Road building is focused on cross town thoroughfares for motorists. Bringa is continuing to work with local government officials to create a bicycling infrastructure.

Friends of City Cycling Budapest (Hungary)
Miklos ter 1
H-1035 Budapest
Phone: +36 1 250 0424
Fax: +36 1 168 8002

Hungarian Bicycle Tourist Organisation
Hold u. 1
H-1054 Budapest
Phone: +36 1 153 4226 or +36 1 217 7208
Fax: +36 1 153 2950

For cyclists interested in touring in Hungary, a couple of publications are available:

Magyarorsz gi Ker‚kp rt-r k, by Csord s Viktor-Feh‚r Gy rgy. This is a guide to 32 bike tours all over Hungary. Although it is in Hungarian it uses recognized international symbols. There are plans to publish it in English and German. It is available from the publisher: Figoria GMK, PO Box 219, H-1536 Budapest, HUNGARY

Ker‚kp rr l Magyarorsz gon, is a bike map of Hungary in Hungarian, English and German and a guide for planning bike tours, with information about accommodations, nature reserves, museums, etc. It is available from the publisher: L szl˘ N‚meth, N dasdy K. u. 35, H-1046 Budapest, HUNGARY. (248.- HUForint+postage)

Hungarian Traffic Club / Magyar Kozlekedesi Klub
H-1465 Budapest, Pf. 1676.
Tel: +361 361 3631, +361 361 3630; 
Fax: +361 365 0438
Email: ferencj

Kerékpáros Magyarország Szövetség
Cycling Hungary Alliance
1146 Budapest, Szabó József utca 3.
Email: kmsz

Planet Foundation (Hungary)
H-1075 Budapest Wesselényi u.26
Tel: (+36)1-268-9856

Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME)/EcoPeace
PO Box 55302, Jerusalem
Tel: +972.2.626.0841/3
Fax: +972.2.626.0840
Email: ecopeace
A consortium of Egyptian, Jordanian, Israeli and Palestinian environmental non-governmental organizations that work jointly to promote sustainable development in the Middle East.

For Bicycles (Israel)
Local associations for the promotion of bicycles as a means of transportation in Israel's cities. Its goals include the establishment of infrastructure for bicycle trails, positioning of suitable parking devices and education of riders and drivers.
Tel Aviv For Bicycles, Jerusalem For Bicycles, Haifa For Bicycles

Jerusalem for Bicycles (Israel)
PO Box 8294
91082 Jerusalem
Tel/Fax: +972 2 561 2265 (leave a message with details)
Email: gad

Jerusalem--a Healthy Cities Project (Israel)
P.O. Box 61442
Phone: +972 2 251778
Fax:: +972 2 235129

Israeli Cycling Federation
Shitrit Street 6
Tel Aviv 69482
Phone: +972 3 649 0436
Fax: +972 3 649 0459
Email: contact @

Mount Carmel Mountain Biking Group (Israel)
Jonathan Lipman
Leonardo Da Vinci 10
Haifa 34524
Phone: +972 4 833 5702
Email: jlipman

Tel Aviv Biker's Association  (Israel)
(they are happy to meet with bike advocates coming through)
Emily Zilbermann (telaviv1 )
Marcos Szeinuk (ypte )

Tzaad Bari (The Right Step)  (Israel)
c/o Menachem Ben-Or
52 Harav Uziel Street
Phone: +972-2- 433.186
Fax: +972-2- 438.232

Associazione Citta Ciclabile  (Italy)
Firenze, Italy
Email: citta.ciclabile

Club Amici della Bicicletta (Italy)
Via Vittorio Amedeo 21
Torino 10121
Email: clubamicidellabici

Friends of the Earth-Middle East (Jordan)
PO Box 9341
Amman 11191
Tel:  +962-6-5866602/3
Fax: +962-6-5866604
Email: foeme

Aluksne regional bike club “VELO” (Latvia)
Pilsetas Bulvaris 5-10
Aluksne, LV 4301 
Fax: +371-43-22236
Email: guntis.kozilans

Lithuanian Cyclists' Community

Zvejone Ecological Club (Lithuania)
PO Box 578
LT-5813 Klaipeda, Lithuania, OR
Taikos pr. 42-3, LT-5802 Klaipeda, Lithuania
Tel: +370-6-310870, tel./fax: +370-6-380650
Email: zvejone

Cycling Touring Club Malta
c/o Mr. Philip Agius
PO Box 16 Msida MSD 01
Fax: +356 - 23 82 26

Emil Krstanovski (Macedonia)
Vasko Karangelevski REMO7-2/27
97000 Bitola
Email:  emil097
FAX:++389 91 366648

Norwegian Cyclists' Association (Syklistenes Landsforening)
Syklistenes Landsforening (SLF)
Postboks 8883
Youngstorget, Storgt. 23c, 0028 Oslo.
Tel. 22 47 30 30. Fax: 22 47 30 31
Email: post

Club Bogdan Polonais d'Ecologie (Poland)
UL Sany Zoliborskie 3 M 171
01770 Warszawa
Tel: 48/22-337-606

Green Brigades (Zielone Brygady) (Poland)
Slawkowdka 12/24 (IV p.)
PL-31-014 Krakow
Tel: 48/12-222-147 ext 28
Fax: 48/12-222-264 ext 22
Email: zielbryg

Federacja Zielonych - Green Federation Krakow (Poland)
Slawkowska 12
31014 Krakow,
Tel/Fax: +12 422 2264
Email: gosia

Institute of Civil Affairs (Poland)
ul. Prochnika 1 p.301
90-408 Lodz Poland
Tel. +48 42 630 17 49
Email: iso

Polski Klub Ekologinzny (PKE) (Poland)
Maloopolska Branch
Al.Juliusza Slowackiego 48 III p
PL-30-018 Krakow
Tel: +48 - 12 23 20 47
Fax: +48 - 12 23 20 98

Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Ekologicznej Komunikacji (Poland)
Sekcja Rowerzystów Miejskich
Os. J.III Sobieskiego 5/32 
60-688 POZNAÑ
Email: poczta

ACA-M: Associacao de Cidadaos Auto-Mobilizados (Portugal)
Av. Elias Garcia, 187, 3-D
1050-099 Lisboa
Tel: +351-21-7941528
Email: manuel.ramos

Tinerii Prieteni ai Naturii (Romanian Young Nature Friends)
Ion Inculet (Dirijorului) nr. 2, bl. 88, sc .A, ap. 8
1900 Timisoara, Timis
Tel/fax: 40 256 122479
cell: 40 721 825428
Email: tpn, flo_po @

Cyclists' Touring Club "Orion" (Russia)
Lenina Prospekt, 22-14
SU-400066 Volgograd
Phone: +7 8442 36 28 34

Russian Cycle Touring Club
Email: info

Slobodna alternativa (Free Alternative) (Slovakia)
Staromestska 6
811 03 Bratislava
Tel: +421 7 6224 0481
GSM: +421 905 212 557
Email: bakyta

A Contramano (Spain)
Asamblea Ciclista de Sevilla
C/Eustaquio Barrón, 2
E-41003 Sevilla
Email: acontramanoacs

Amics de la Bici (Spain)
C/ Demòstenes, 19
E-08028 Barcelona
Tel/Fax: +34 93 339 4060
Email: info

Asociación para la Defensa de un Ciclismo Seguro (Spain)

Pedalibre Club Cicloturista (Spain)
Madrid, Spain

Mulga Bicycle Association (Turkey)
Mulga, Turkey

CycleNation (UK)
2 Newhams Row, London, SE1 3UZ England
National federation of cycle campaign groups, supporting cycling locally, regionally and nationally.

London Cycling Campaign (UK)
Good starting point for information on London and the U.K.

Re~Cycle (UK)
Unit A Global Park, Moorside, Eastgates, Colchester, CO1 2TW, UK
Tel +44 1206 863 111
Email: info
Collects and ships second hand bicycles and to Africa from UK

Email: info

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