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Photo essay: Korea Bicycle Art

  Post-script on bicycle art: Generally there is a lot of public art in Korea. Urban buildings frequently have multi-story high sculptures associated with them, bridges are artistically lit at night, street furnisher and major infrastructure projects have design that is more than basic functionality, community erect sculptures relating to their history or favorite agricultural product and there are major sculpture gardens in parks around the country.

There is so much public art that some of it might highlight bicycles won't be too much of a surprise, but bicycle show up with much more regularity than their historical role in the culture:

    Here are a few examples of extra effort and expense going to incorporating "bicycles" into functional items like park benches, bicycle parking, and guard rails.
    Korea park bench with wheel Korea bicycle parking shelter Korea guard rail with bicycle Korea guard rail with bicycle
    Korea restroom with bicycle designKorea building with bicycle designArchitects integrated the bicycle into a restroom facility and a much larger building that is a bicycle museum.
  Korea bicycle sculpture along Hangang Trail

Korea bicycle sculpture at Bicycle Museum along Nakdong Trail

Korea bicycle sculpture along Yeongsan Trail Korea bicycle sculpture, Seoul Korea bicycle sculpture, Sangju Korea bicycle sculpture

Korea bicycle sculptureEspecially, but not exclusively, along the river trail network, bicycle sculptures are frequent. These piece are from Seoul, Sangju, Jinju and from along the Ara Trail, Hangang Trail, Nakdong Trail, Seomjingang Trail, Yeongsan Trail and Guemgang Trail.

  Korea bicycle mural, Seoul Korea bicycle sculpture Sangju Bicycle art, bridge, Seomjingang (river), Korea Bicycle art, bridge, Seomjingang (river), Korea Bicycle art, Jinju Latern Festival, Korea


Korea bicycle sculpture along Ara Trail. Korea bicycle sculpture along Guemgang Trail Korea bicycle sculpture along Hangang Trail

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