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    Ibike Registration Instructions for International Tour

    Thank you for your interest in our programs. The short description of registration is there are three necessary elements before you registration is complete:
    1. Complete and submit the Participant Registration Form
    2. Complete and submit the Personal Health Review Form
    3. Pay the $300 deposit of per person, per program (or full amount if less than 60 days before the start of the program.) You can pay by check (cheque), money order, wire transfer, credit card or PayPal (the account is [email protected]). Your registration is not complete until we receive your deposit. The balance is due 60 days before the start of the program. (Note: If you are on a waiting list your deposit will not be processed until you are added to the participant roster.) Our mailing address is: Ibike, 4887 Columbia Dr S, Seattle WA 98108 USA.

    It is easiest and saves paper if you register online using the links above.

    To register by mail download and print the Registration Packet (PDF file) and follow the instructions. [If you don't want to use the forms on the web site, send your name and address, the name of the program you are interested in and deposit, and we will mail you the forms.] 

    More About Registration

    We are sorry for the amount of paperwork. Perhaps it is a sign-of-the-times. Because of the unique nature of the program we want to verify that you understand the activities involved.  Details about payments, cancellation, and general tour procedures can be found in the "Terms and Conditions".

    Your registration is not complete and your space is not reserved until we receive your forms and appropriate payment.

    When we receive your completed registration (waiver, deposit and personal information forms) you will be sent the pre-departure materials packet. This contains important information on: air travel, documents you will need, preparing your bike, selecting personal equipment, health information, preparing for the cross-cultural experience, books to read, etc.  If you would like to get started, there is a bibliography at www.ibike.org/bibliography.

    The pre-departure packet should answer most of your questions. Others have found it to be very helpful. If after you receive the packet you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us.

    If it is within 60-days of the tour and you have not already done so, we suggest that you start planning your air travel.

    Travel insurance (trip cancellation/interruption, medical expenses, medical evacuation, baggage, travel assistance etc.) is recommended.  It protects you from the date of purchased so it also is worth considering early on.

    Please return the forms as soon as possible so that we can complete your registration and you will have maximum time to prepare for the trip.

    Please let us know if you have any questions.

    We look forward to your participation on these interesting programs.  Have a great trip.

    The Staff at Ibike

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