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Photo essay: Korea Coffee Logos

  Post-script on coffee: Starbuck Coffee sign, Seoul, KoreaThe entire Seoul and most of the Korean photo essays have come together without a single picture of a coffee shop.  Anyone who has been to Seoul and any other city of substance in Korea knows this is a distortion. There can be a coffee shop on almost every block.  In fact, they are so common that it is easy to forget to take pictures of them. To adjust this oversight here is an nod to Korea's coffee shops.  Well not really the shops, but their logo culture.

I don't believe that Starbucks Coffee (스타벅스 커피 -- the transliteration being "seutabeogseu keopi") was the first coffee shop in Seoul, but it certain forged the way for a bazillion more. But as interesting that not only did Starbucks create and expanded the coffee culture and cafe market, they also seemed to have established the archetype for logos: definitely round, and ideally with a couple concentric circles and a design in the center. Here are some logos and storefront from Seoul and around the country:

Dedicated to my friend and caffeine fuel cycling companion in Korea, Jan.

  Edna Expresso Coffee sign, Seoul, Korea Tom Tom Coffee sign, Seoul, Korea Cafe Nescafe sign, Seoul, Korea Coffee sign, Seoul, Korea The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf sign, Seoul, Korea
  Yoger Presso Coffee sign, Seoul, Korea Zoo Coffee sign, Seoul, Korea Coffee of Dreams sign, Seoul, Korea The Coffee Bean sign, Seoul, Korea
  Cafe sign, Seoul, Korea Holly's Coffee sign, Seoul, Korea Tous les jours sign, Seoul, Korea Paris Bagette sign, Seoul, Korea
  Corner be Coffee sign, Seoul, Korea Angel-in-us Coffee sign, Seoul, Korea Angel-in-us Coffee sign, Seoul, Korea 16, Specialty Coffee Bronzz, Korea
  Arista Coffee sign, Seoul, Korea Cafe Bloom logo, Seoul Korea Coffee Bay logo, Korea
  Dunkin Donut's Logo, Seoul Korea Mmth Coffee Logo, Seoul Koera Cafe Tospia Coffee logo, Korea Caffe Denis Coffee logo, Korea Gaon Coffee logo, Korea
  Rodemnamoo Coffee logo, Korea Coffee Mountain logo, Korea Milal Flower & Cafe logo, Korea Kenya Coffee logo, Korea Pascucci cafe logo, Korea
  Richbean's Coffee sign, Seoul, Korea Dutch & Dutch Expresso logo, Korea Mango Six Coffee logo, Seoul Koera Espresso Bar, Caffe One+One logo, Korea Espresso Bar, Caffe One+One logo, Korea
  A Twosome Place logo, Korea Compose Coffee logo, Korea Best Coffee logo, Korea Coffee Mama logo, Korea Think Coffee logo, Korea
  Roastery Cafe logo, Korea On Cafe logo, Korea Baek Da Bang Cafe logo, Korea U Dally Cafe logo, Korea Homestead Coffee logo, Korea
  Dream House Cafe logo, Korea Ssugkkulre MoKpo Soul Food logo, Korea Coffee & Story logo, Korea Coffee Story logo, Korea Cafe Mope logo, Korea
  Dutch Nine Cafe logo, Korea Coffee House logo, Korea Caffe Bene logo, Korea The Venti cafe logo, Korea Amite Coffee logo, Korea
  Cafe A Ti logo, Korea Super Coffee sign, Seoul, Korea Coffee Bay logo, Korea  Beans Bins roastery logo, Korea Yoger Presso Coffee sign, Seoul, Korea
  Cafe Xpress logo, Seoul, Korea Cafe Cozy logo, Seoul, KoreaCafe logo, Seoul KoreaRoadside coffee machine, KoreaPrior to the cafe culture, ten cent cups of coffee were readily available from vending machines. These were nearly ubiquitous at convenience stores and could be found standing alone at rural crossroads. They are starting to disappear (2010).
  Amasvin Bubble Tea logo, Korea Pho Deli sign, Seoul, KoreaHair Shop sign, mimics Starbucks, KoreaThere are even non-coffee shops that mimic Starbucks design!
  Now we need to see if the others will follow suit now that Starbucks has removed the outer circles.

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