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Photo essay: Yangsu to Sancheon

    (30mi, 50km)  Generally hilly.
Points of Interest: farmland, river valley, small towns.
  Scarecrow-type figures on the road side Korean grave siteFun figures on the road side.  They have some of the character of scarecrows but were in a cultivated field, so they must have been there to add fun to the road.

Graves tend to be isolated or in small family groups.  Typically they sit on a cleared bench part way up a hillside.  The mound is the grave, which is usually accompanied by an engraved stele.  Wealthier people will also have a variety of statuary.

  Farm land, South Korea Greater Seoul is large, but it ends abruptly and the farm land begins.
  Gyeongchun River (a tributary of the Han River) Gyeongchun River (a tributary of the Han River)Most of the first days ride is flat or rolling, generally following river valleys.  Although at this point the road parallels the Gyeongcheon River (a tributary of the Han River), it climbs a hill "to get to the other side" -- the downhill was as good as the uphill.
  Tea time Met this group stopping for a break.  They offered us tea and cookies but wouldn't take anything in return.  This foreshadowed the rest of the trip where roasted corn, apples, pears, persimmons, sweets, coffee, pine nuts, and various other treats were offered, without accepting anything in return.
  Small rural grocery store, Korea Another rest stop at a small rural grocery store.  It is always a bit of a mystery why bicyclists sit down after they have been sitting down all day, but it is nice to fell a different contour under you buns for a few minutes.

Yangsu Hwacheon

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