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Small group, self-contained bicycle and boat tour in Botswana and Namibia. Explore the lifestyle of the Okavango area, including a once-in-a-lifetime mokoro (canoe) trip into the Okavango and visits to historic Tsodilo Hills, and the fascinating and culturally rich !Kung (the "!K" combination is a click sound), Mbukushu, Subiya, Biyeyi, Herero, and Tswana peoples.

Compared to bicycle touring in sub-Saharan West Africa, this region of Africa has some ironies.  It is often the case in West Africa that almost every town offers a variety of food and lodging opportunities, the Internet can be found in most towns, if there is electricity service may be periodic and unpredictable, cell coverage is spotty and safe drinking water is a case-by-case assessment.  In contrast, on this route there was rarely a restaurant outside of a tourist lodge, there were few hotels outside of isolated tourist lodges, Internet access is almost not existent unless you have a smart phone, for which cell coverage is almost continuous. (Few locals have smart phones, but basic, older model, cell phone are common.)  The electric grid reaches to every town and is 24/7, and every town had a safe water system. As you read you will see that meals were probably the most problematic.  They also presented some of the richest opportunities for meeting people and memorable experiences.  Overall the trip was mostly about the people.

We hope you enjoy the essay.

Note: The essay contains only selected observations, and is not intended to be a comprehensive report of all discussions, meetings and events on the program.



Botswana / Namibia Photo Essay

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  1 Kasane  
  2 Ngoma  
  3 Katima Mulilo  
  4 Linyanti  
  5 Sangwali  
  6 Kongola  
  7 Duvundu  
  8 Shakawe  
  9 Tsodilo Hills  
  10 Sepopa  
  11 Etsha 13  
  12 Etsha 6  
  13 Nokaneng  
  14 Tsau  
  15 Toteng  
  16 Maun  
  17 Prologue or Epilogue - Johannesburg & Soweto  


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