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Small group, self-contained people-to-people bicycle tours in Ethiopia and Eritrea -- across the high plateau and into the gouges of the Horn of Africa. This tour passes through some spectacular countryside and traverses some the culturally rich territory of Amhara, Oromo and Gurage Peoples of Oromiyaa.  And samples some of the wonderful hospitality of the region.  Both the people and the scenery seem to get more and more wonderful everyday.

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  Tour Dispatches  
  Addis Ababa
Hwy 2: Addis Ababa to Mekele
Hwy 2: Mekele to Axum
Hwy 2: Axum
B-22: China Road
B-22: Lalibela
Hwy 3: Saalalii Plateau
Hwy 3: Nile Gorge
Hwy 3: Mengistiwo Plateau
Hwy 3: Awi National Zone
Hwy 3: Bahir Dar
Hwy 3: Lake Tana Plains
Hwy 3: Gondar
Hwy 3: Royal Gondar
Hwy 3: Simien Mountains
Hwy 3: West Tigray
Hwy 5: Addis Ababa to Nkemte
Hwy 6: Addis Ababa to Omo Gorge
Hwy 6: Omo Gorge
Hwy 6: Coffee Country
Hwy 6: Upper Omo Gorge
Adigrat to Decemhara, Eritrea
Decemhara to Masawa, Eritrea
Asmara to Masawa, Eritrea
Asmara to Axum, Ethiopia
Asmara to Karan, Eritrea


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